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Which Works Best? East or West?

I truly believe in Holistic and natural treatment, and, I hate masking and hiding any illness or health problem with painkillers or drugs, and for that reason when it comes to dealing with ill health of any sorts, and especially with any form of hair problem then my preference without any doubt goes towards the natural way of home remedies and of Eastern medicine and treatment.

To drive my point home let’s consider the two different options we are faced with, and why we should go for the natural, positive and permanent solution of Eastern medicine and health care.

If we were to vote for the Western treatment for hair loss what would we have? Minoxidil and Finasteride. There is nothing else. Both of these will give some sort of temporary result to fight your problem providing you use them at a very early stage of hair loss; but both are frighteningly expensive, both can give nasty side-effects, and both have to be taken daily for the rest of your life or your condition returns and you quickly start losing hair again.

These two chemically created forms of Western treatment for baldness do not even begin to treat the root cause of your problem. All they do is provide temporary relief. Compare that to the many options you have with proven, natural remedies and Eastern ways of treating hair loss.

The whole subject of Eastern medicine would need many, many books to cover properly the amazing health benefits gained by practising it, and I am only limited to one chapter.

Eastern and Western approaches to the whole concept of medicine are totally opposite of each other. Oriental medical techniques include acupuncture, herbology, diet therapy, and gentle exercise to re establish the natural balance of the body function; these therapies work with the natural vital energy inherent in all of us to promote the body’s ability to heal itself.

So the Eastern concept of treatment is to restore the natural balance in the body, yin and yang, and by taking the body back into the state of equilibrium, once again creating a perfectly functioning system; in this case perfectly naturally growing healthy hair.

I say throughout this book, that I am not a qualified Doctor. I am not a registered health specialist either. I am just an ordinary man who found out how to cure my own hair problem by many years of hard work, research and testing. My way is based entirely on a system, a type of formula or way of life that utilises all the benefits of Eastern practices, homeopathic treatments and naturally based home remedies that will not only halt hair loss, but by correcting the imbalance of the body, will allow and positively promote new hair growth.

Both Eastern and Western medicine work to help ease the pain or problem. But each approach follows a different path in achieving the goal of well-being and treating the source of the problem instead of just covering it over.

Symptoms; Western medicine looks at the symptoms, prescribing treatment or drugs aimed to make them painless. A Natural practitioner works differently, evaluating symptoms with the intention of restoring balance to the person.

Diagnosis; In Western medicine, the diagnosis is only of the actual problem itself, but in natural medicine, the diagnosis attempts to understand the whole structure and background of the illness as well as the lifestyle of the person concerned.

The Health Problem; Western medicine considers just the problem concerned rather than the bigger picture when it comes to being ill. For example, hair loss would lead a Western medicine practitioner to concentrate only on the scalp. The Eastern approach takes into account the whole body, and also the person himself, and views the hair loss as representing an imbalance that needs to be corrected.

After Care; A Western doctor would set down a fixed schedule to be followed, while in natural treatment the idea of self-care is given a great deal of importance.

Western treatment is based on medications that merely subdue the symptoms, whilst holistic treatment looks at correcting the cause and imbalance of the illness.

As you can see even from these basic comparisons, the major difference is that the Eastern method of treatment, with its holistic approach, also deals with personal and lifestyle issues, where as the more conventional Westernised style of medicine tends to concentrate more on suppressing any painful symptoms of just the problem the patient is complaining of.

When I first started to come to terms with the fact that I was losing my hair I realised that I had two basic options to choose from. The first was to look for a quick fix, possibly by taking a daily dose of Minoxidil; or I could try and find out what was causing my hair to fall out, and hopefully put a stop to it.

I am so glad I chose the second route. Not only did I find out what was causing the problem, I also found out how to cure it by correcting the imbalance and by doing that I went on to see that by using centuries old, natural lifestyle practices I could actually start to get new hair growing again.