UNA Oxygenating Treatment

One thing that I’m not much of a fan of, are products that appear to be stand alone products, but then in the fine print you realize that it’s meant to be use with something else. In this case, that ‘something’ else is a ‘compensating shampoo’ and according to the company, that’s how you will get an effective treatment.

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How UNA Oxygenating Treatment Works?

UNA Oxygenating Treatment relies on a lower pH balance to help invigorate the scalp, which is intended to provide the right balance of oxygen that the hair follicles need in order to remain healthy. It relies on a few key ingredients and you would massage the treatment into the scalp on a daily basis.

What Are the Key Ingredients?

UNA relies on arnica, eucalyptus, walnut, sage, nettle, black bilberry water, and peppermint as the key ingredients. These are all natural, so they won’t warm your skin or your body and won’t produce any real side effects.

The combination of ingredients has been proven effective for some people at helping to rejuvenate the scalp and subsequently leads to improved overall hair follicle health and vitality, which can help to keep more hair from falling out.

How Well Does It Work?

A number of customers who have used this product claim that it works well for them, but they speak more about the full body of their hair, rather than re-growth.

A vast majority of the people who used UNA Oxygenating Treatment had suffered from hair loss due to conditions that weren’t related to genetics. In other words, for those who underwent chemotherapy, for example, the formula seemed to help their hair grow back a bit faster.

However, in almost every instance, the people who experienced good results also used the Compensating Shampoo and few who only used this product alone experienced any great results.

Cost Can be a Factor

When it comes to cost, that can be an important determining factor about whether a product actually works or not. At nearly $50 a bottle, it may be on the upper price are for most people.


There are a large number of products on the market that can help rejuvenate your scalp that don’t cost as much and don’t require you to buy another product in order to be effective. While there are a few positive reviews for UNA Oxygenating Treatment, once you read between the lines, you understand that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

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