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Thymuskin is a program for treating hair loss. It is proven as the best alternative approach to hair loss prevention. It was manufactured specifically for cancer patients to help to gain back their hair after chemotherapy.

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Thymuskin is a program for treating hair loss, and it takes alternative approach to hair loss prevention. It was created for cancer patients to help to gain back their hair after chemotherapy.

It takes special formulation, thymus based, to take care of hair loss. Even though many products just hinder the growth of DHT, Thymuskin affects and tries to remedy problem of immune system.

So, first this product was created to prevent hair loss before patients were treated with chemotherapy. Thymuskin was rubbed into patient’s scalp, and as a result hair loss was kept to a minimum. Then the German GMP declared this Thymuskin is a preventive measure for hair loss for cancer patients before they undergo chemotherapy.

But afterwards, there was a research that the product can be used for rare types of hair loss as well as scalp disorders. It was used then as a treatment for re-growth of hair with the effectiveness of about 67 percent for men, and about 95 percent for women with live hair follicles.

The product consists of a thymus gland extract preparation from a calf gland. Every human has a thymus gland, too, and it makes this substance, thymosin.

The gland is larger at the earlier age, and it shrinks with aging, so its production of thymus cells lessens. This affects immune system. It results in autoimmune diseases, i.e. those in response of the body against its own tissues or cells.

Many professionals have opinion that hair loss is a kind of autoimmune disease. White blood cells recognize hair follicles as foreign proteins to be killed. Thus with many chemical conversions the weakening immune system creates auto antibodies that are responsible for the attack, diminishing and killing of hair follicles.

Immune system then is weakened, and is deprived of many of its functions. This can be seen in the form of thinning hair and subsequently balding.

The Thymuskin shampoo, or hair growth shampoo, as is seen in this Thymuskin review, contains a lot of granular extract of thymosin from calves. This extract is made in a sophisticated refining process leaving the active thymosin in the tissue.

It can be applied or absorbed through the scalp into the blood of a person. It results in neutralization of autoimmune defects and re-growth of hairs.

The formula of Thymiskin is approved by many official bodies including United States Food and Drug Administration and Canadian Health Protection Branch, as well as many others.

Thymuskin Product Ranges

Thymuskin Shampoo and Hair Treatment are specifically designed for normal to oily hair and scalp. The hair treatment formula comes in lotion form. Thymuskin Kit and Thymuskin Super Kit are also available.

1. Thymuskin med

Thymuskin med Shampoo and med Treatment Hair gel are for sensitive and dry scalps and long hair. The med Treatment Gel is indicated for severe hair loss as it contains the active ingredient at a higher concentration. The med Treatment Gel is applied onto the scalp with a pipette.

2. Thymuskin GOLD

Thymuskin GOLD is a combination of the basic Thymuskin and Thymuskin med formulas. In Thymuskin GOLD product line, the concentration of the proven active ingredients (synthetic thymus peptides) has been increased by 100% when compared to Thymuskin. When compared with Thymuskin med, the increase in active ingredients’ concentration is 54%.  Thymuskin GOLD is designed for all types of hair. The latest generation tensides that are mild, deep cleansing and gentle on the scalp are used in the product.

In addition, the special agents that are included in the product make hair easier to comb, stronger and shinier. Thymus GOLD Shampoo and Treatment are available together in a kit or each product can be bought separately.

3. Thymuskin Prevent

Thymuskin Prevent is the latest addition to the Thymuskin line of products. Specially developed for the next generation, Thymuskin Prevent effectively protects the hair follicles from the damaging effects of DHT, which is considered to be the main cause of hair loss in athletes aged 17 to 25 years. The Prevent line of products consists of shampoo and tonic.

4. Thymuskin Hairmaske

Thymuskin Hairmaske protects the hair against splitting, breakage and drying due to ultraviolet rays. It can be used on a daily basis as per requirement. The product can be applied to wet hair after washing or even to dry hair. It has to be massaged into the hair and left as it is. The hair need not be rinsed after applying this product.

5. Thymuskin Hair balm Rinse Conditioner

This product is indicated for use by people who have split, brittle and dry hair and an itchy scalp. The recommended usage is to apply the conditioner 1 – 2 times per week.

When using the conditioner, it has to be left on the scalp and hair for around 15 minutes. It can be applied to wet hair after washing, or the conditioner can also be massaged into the scalp as required and then rinsed off.

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