Strand Maximizer Hide Thinning Hair for Both Men & Women

WORKS FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN: 1000’s of people have regained their confidence lost due to thinning hair. See why so many people rely on Strand Maximizer every day to conceal their thin hair.

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Strand Maximizer is the perfect solution for both men & women. Strand Maximizer Works on all the following types of hair loss:

  • Instantly conceals thinning hair in both men & women
  • Cover thin / balding spots on the crown and hairline in men
  • Conceals thinning hair in women all over, especially temples & along the hair part line.
  • Hair fibres will cover thinning hair on the temples and sides of head
  • Some customers also use it as a root concealer or fill in powder.
  • Works on all hair colours & types of hair!
  • Perfect for people who don’t want to take medication like Propecia or Rogaine for balding or hair loss.
  • If you are on hair regrowth treatment, makes a great added bonus to fill in your thinning hair during the regrowth process.

With this solution, you will never have to worry about your thinning hair when out in public again.

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