Scalp Med is a specially formulated solution that offers great results for that fighting hair loss. Scalp Med have developed different hair loss treatment solutions for both men and women. They promise better looking, thicker hair after a few months of use.

This Scalp Med review will help you decide if you should or should not buy their products. There are just too many hair loss products right now that are purported to help people solve their hair loss problems, including this brand. Read our review and decide if it is worth buying.

Scalp Med is a specially formulated solution that offers great results for that fighting hair loss. Modern Health Labs, Inc., the maker of the Scalp Med treatment system, introduced their product after years of research and development. The product uses the FDA-approved agents Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A, both which contain minoxidil in 2% and 5% formulas. Minoxidil is also the active ingredient in popular Rogaine hair treatment.

The Scalp Med system includes topical scalp treatments, a detoxifying cleaning kit, and a vitamin supplement. When used together, men experiencing hair loss or thinning can prevent further loss from occurring.

What Exactly Is Scalp Med?

Scalp Med is like no other hair re-growth formula. It contains the needed amino acids to stimulate hair growth. Scalp Med has even been clinically tested to improve matrix cells through nutrients. This is designed to revitalize follicle stimulation for fast hair growth.

Scalp Med has two lines: one for men and one for women. Each is designed differently and is based on the causes of hair loss in that gender.

Male hair loss is caused by hormone changes during the twenties and on through middle age. This hormone change is the transformation of testosterone into DHT. DHT is a hormone that damages hair follicles in the scalp. After follicles are damaged they no longer promote hair growth and lead to hair loss and thinning.

Scalp Med for Men works to combat DHT through its proprietary formula that took years of research to perfect. Scalp Med is designed to provide the scalp with nourishment so that it is the optimal site for growth. Follicles are then stimulated to re-grow.

Scalp Med produces the best results when used at the site of thinning hair. Scalp Med states that after hair follicles have been damaged for long periods of time they cannot be stimulated again. This is why Scalp Med works to stop future hair loss and help re-grow hair in thinned areas.

Method of Treatment

The Scalp Med treatment program consists of 3 products:

  • Shampoo for cleansing the scalp and hair
  • Vitadil 5a with minoxidil for hair growth stimulation, and
  • Vitamins taken once daily to provide herbal supplements known to help with hair growth and health.

Does ScalpMed Work?

ScalpMed for men products have received positive ScalpMed testimonials and responses. There were a lot of men who were satisfied with the results. Many claimed that it does not only hinder the loss of strands, it also promotes growth—which is something other products failed to give.

ScalpMed for women also garnered positive ScalpMed review. The ingredients used in this hair re-growth product can help revitalize the hair follicles and encourage its healthy growth.

What makes their products really work is that it contains amino acids which are very important in promoting health growth of tress. People who are deficient in essential amino acids suffer from premature tress loss.

If you decide to purchase this brand, expect these benefits:

  • Faster growth of tress strands.
  • Better looking locks.
  • Thicker hair.
  • Significant reduction of tress fall.

Benefits of the Scalp Med System

The combined use of all the products in the Scalp Med system can help provide a healthier crop of existing hair, and even re-grow some hair in thinning areas. The success rate is respectable, and with the combination of all three products, the success rate is better than those who just use minoxidil in Rogaine.

Are There Any ScalpMed Side Effects?

The development of Scalp Med was intended to have little or no side effects. Most of the ingredients are natural, and users do not usually experience side effects. With any topical scalp treatment, however, there exists the possibility of itchy, dry scalp, and possible redness.

Some people experienced minor breakouts. This could just be the body’s way of reacting to the amino acids. It may cleanse the body first (thus pushing the dirt and the unwanted toxins from the inside) which is why some experienced break outs. Other than that, there were no reported serious side effects.

Costs of the Scalp Med System

Costs for the Scalp Med system of treatment can be high, as much as $160 for a 2-month supply. The Scalp Med treatment is only sold as ”package” of the three main products.

With the high cost of the Scalp Med treatment, some users who experience success with minoxidil may want to opt for the generic form of Rogaine sold in drug stores and supermarkets.

Final Thought

The best part is that Scalp Med comes with no side effects and a money-back guarantee. With the right ingredients and in the right amounts, Scalp Med is said to give varied results that depend on the person. Results are said to appear within sixty days of use. In the end Scalp Med seems to work as directed.