RX 4 Hair Loss Scalp Cream for Men & Women

RX 4 Hair Loss Shampoo, RX 4 Conditioner and RX 4 Restoration Scalp Cream work together as a whole to give the best outcome.

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This restoration scalp cream is very effective. It is very easy to apply and really gets the job done. It has organic ingredients and lots of nutrients for real hair growth.

  • STOPS hair loss by blocking DHT. Supports healthy hair growth. ONLY NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS.
  • Contains NO SULPHATES, NO PARABENS, NO TOXINS, NO Harsh Chemicals and NO harmful side effects. NO DRUGS or hormones like Minoxidil or Rogaine. STOP putting harmful chemicals in your body!
  • Helps Restore Healthy scalp and treat dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and dry hair and scalp.

Results may vary please be patient and allow up to 90 days. Photo recommended at start of treatment to evaluate results.

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Rx 4 Hair Loss Natural and Organic Restoration Scalp Cream for Men and Women

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