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Reminex GH is definitely an OTC supplements organically formulated in pills form to revive natural color of hair and stop graying. Forget about coloring gels or hair dyes that temporarily hide grayed or premature white-colored hair.

Reminex GH is formulated and promoted by a California based company to bring back dormant hair follicles and proper hair pigmentation loss because of age, atmosphere, vitamin deficiency, thyroid imbalance,viral infection or anemia. It essentially actively works to reduce the look of grey hair by using natural botanical extracts.

Reminex Components

Your hair color restoration vitamin ($29.00) was formulated using the following components:

  • Calcium (75 mg)
  • Vitamin B2 (12 mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (12 mg)
  • B12 (50 mcg)
  • Folate (200 mcg)
  • Biotin (250 mcg)
  • Pantothenic acidity (100 mg)
  • Iodine (75 mcg)
  • Zinc (20 mg)

The Herbal And Mineral Components Utilized In The Formulation

Bromelain, PABA, Choline, Inositol, L-Cysteine, Bovine collagen, Shou wu, Saw palmetto extract extract, Ginseng, Dong Kuai, Gotu kola, Nettles, Pumpkin seed, Eleuthero root, Muira puma root, Uva ursi, Eco-friendly tea extract, Grape seed extract, Coenzyme Q10 Supplement, Omega-3, Iron, Zinc, Chromium, Molybdenum.

How Reminex GH™ Works?

Reminex GH works in the 4 ways below.

1. Its formulation encourages malancocytes that leave the hair’s melanin-based pigments and overcomes the genetic temperament to get rid of melanin sooner than normal. Results can vary from person to person and notice differences in 4 to 9 weeks of ongoing use.

2. It offers the fundamental nutrients like capsicum, amino chemicals and minerals to avoid NDF or Nutrient Deficient Hair follicles that can result in hair thinning or poor quality.

3. It removes air bubbles across the hair shaft to stimulate proper flow of melanin over the size of your hair strand.

4. The Food and Drug Administration-approved facilities behind Reminex’s manufacture assures the greatest quality of natural ingredients, essential minerals and amino acids and  which are shown to overcome aging and premature hair-graying.

Possible Negative Effects

Reminex GH (for Grey Hair) isn’t a hair restoration product. Modifying the colour from the hair or enhancing the depth from the colour itself doesn’t have effect on the physique from the hair itself. Colour doesn’t have effect on the development rate and also the existence cycle from the hair, too. It’s just a hair vitamin made to darken greying or whitening fur.

Additionally, your hair colour restoration vitamin works better for those who have less grey fur and you’ve had these grey furs for a shorter time.

Where You Can Buy Reminex GH?

Reminex GH will come in tablet form and could be bought online. You can by through major credit cards. Domestic orders take 7 days max while worldwide order might take 10-21 working days to reach.