When I was 18 I talked to my parents about my rapidly receding hairline, and they were nice enough to take me to the doctor to get a prescription to Propecia.  It felt really good to start taking it because I was desperate to stop my hair loss.

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Does Propecia Work For Hair Growth

Propecia is the #1 known pills for hair growth. Propecia has been successful in hair growth for men along the vertex mid and front scalp.

Propecia is not for the use of women, women should never use this drug to attempt to grow their hair back. It can cause many birth defects and a lot worse. It is only for the use of men as directed by a doctor.

Propecia can result in increasing your risk of prostate cancer, so be cautious of these conditions. To make sure your 100% safe to take propecia hair growth you need to let your doctor know if you have any of the following conditions:

  • A bladder muscle disorder
  • Liver disease or abnormal liver enzymes
  • If you are unable to urinate
  • Stricture of your urethra
  • Prostate Cancer

This medicine should be taken with a full glass of water. It can be taken without food, also needs to be taken the same time every day.

Propecia Background

Propecia, Finpecia and Finasteride are the other names that this hair loss treatment is known for. As a hair loss treatment, the origins of Propecia can be traced back to another medication called Proscar, which became widely available in 1992.

It is a 5 mg tablet which has the active ingredient Finasteride, which has a goal of reducing the effects of dihydrotestosterone or DHT in the body. DHT is said to be the primary reason for male pattern baldness.

With the FDA trials, it was found out that nearly 83% of men who used Propecia were able to experience a complete stop of hair loss or an increase in hair growth with a continuous two year treatment.

Ingredients & How to Use Propecia

The popularity of Propecia as an anti-hair loss drug was propelled by its being one of the most successful treatments for male pattern baldness. Finasteride is the active ingredient of Propecia which helps stop hair loss.

In order to experience the full effects of the drug, it needs to be taken on a daily basis at 1 mg each, no exceptions. Keep in mind that deviating from the recommended intake of Propecia might do more harm than good, because it is your hormones that the drug is dealing with. As such, a constant daily dose will allow you to experience great results while keeping your biology in harmony.

How Does Propecia Work?

The active ingredient in Propecia is called finasteride. It belongs to a class of medicine called the type II 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. When the male sex hormone called testosterone reacts with the type II 5-alpha reductase it is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). While some amount of DHT is necessary, in some men the level of DHT becomes too high.

The excess of DHT causes the hair follicle to shrink so that the growth of new hair is inhibited. Propecia finasteride inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT and thereby lowers the level of DHT in your body. This helps to prevent further hair loss and allows hair to re-grow naturally.

A single 1mg Propecia tablet is to be taken everyday continuously for 3–6 months before any benefits can be seen. When the baldness pill is discontinued, any hair gained during the treatment is lost. You need to continue the treatment to sustain the benefits of Propecia.

Propecia is a proven and highly effective treatment for male pattern hair loss. The baldness pill has been extensively studied in a 5-year clinical trial and produced the following results: 90% of participants saw a visible improvement, divided into 48% who saw re-growth of hair and 42% who saw no further hair loss. In the first year of the study, 86% of men experienced visibly more hair.

Propecia Side Effects

You may find that Propecia causes some initial hair loss. Please do not be alarmed by this. This happens for a very natural reason. Your hair growth cycle is interrupted when you start taking Propecia. This is OK because the new hair that will replace the hair you have lost will be stronger and thicker than before.

Unfortunately, some men drop the treatment at this point and never get to see the full benefits of this course of hair loss treatment. Don’t let this happen to you. The shedding stage usually only lasts a month at most and after that you will see what an effective hair loss product this really is.

What Results Can I Expect?

You should expect to see significant results within 3 months of using Propecia, although some men get results much faster. In order to get optimal results, we strongly recommend you use an anti inflammatory shampoo like Nizoral.

It’s really no surprise that Propecia is the most popular male hair loss treatment available today. As discussed above, the FDA concluded that Propecia will give you an 83% chance of keeping the hair you currently have. That is a phenomenal statistic that no other hair loss product can come close to matching.

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