Pronoxidil is powerfully proven to help you end your hair loss and grow your hair back with FDA approved Minoxidil and the most powerful all-natural ingredients.

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What is Pronoxidil?

Most hair re-growth treatments do not work as directed. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right ingredients. Normally, these products do not have the right amounts of ingredients.

Pronoxidil is a product that not only has the right ingredients but also the right amounts. It comes with prescription-strength ingredients to halt hair loss before it is irreversible.

Pronoxidil uses the science of minoxidil and other ingredients to alter how hormones affect the scalp. The leading cause of hair thinning, hair line recession, and balding is hormone changes. Pronoxidil works to stave off these hormones from reaching the scalp where they do their damage.

But Does Pronoxidil Work?

Baldness is the result of testosterone being converted into another hormone called DHT. DHT is responsible for damaging hair follicles. Once follicles are damaged they can no longer grow hair and later result in hair loss.

DHT is first produced, in most men, in their twenties and it later progress on through middle age. Pronoxidil works to correct this problem by using all-natural ingredients and others that have prescription benefits.

Hair loss treatment is best when approached early in hair thinning. Once hair follicles have been damaged they become dormant. Even the best hair re-growth solutions, like Pronoxidil, cannot reverse baldness. However thinned hair and receding hair lines can be mended if treated early.

The main ingredient in Pronoxidil is minoxidil that works to increase blood and enzyme flow to the scalp for follicle stimulation. Other ingredients include propylene glycol, menthol, panax ginseng, sophora, laminaria digitata, licorice root, adenosine, ubiquinone, arginine, naicinmide, tocopheryl acetatave, and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Pronoxidil comes with clinically proven ingredients in the needed amounts. These ingredients help stimulate and speedup minoxidil’s reconstructing process. With results and positive reviews from consumers, Pronoxidil seems to be the product that the hair loss community has been looking for.

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