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Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

If you look into medical journals, Internet forums, and the mainstream media, you will find quite a lot of them discussing hair loss prevention.

It’s not that big of a surprise, though, considering such condition is affecting literally legions of people, men and women alike. Even up to this very moment, the medical industry is still not able to come up with a definitive solution.

However, you can take some measures in reducing your hair loss, and there are even some treatments that could actually reverse such condition to a certain extent.

The first thing you must take into consideration is to know the probable causative factors. This condition can be hereditary and passed on from generation to generation.

According to studies, about 20% of alopecia cases are of genetic origin. In a lot of cases, alopecia is carried in the genes by certain people who don’t develop such condition themselves.

Given that the condition is genetic and hereditary in nature, it cannot be prevented or totally eliminated. Genetic engineering can do this, but it’s out of the scope of today’s science. However, it is possible to treat this condition.

There are also other reasons that make hair loss unavoidable, say, chemotherapy. This therapy is the go-to cancer treatment of many patients, and hair loss happens to be the inevitable side effect.

The only way to prevent hair loss in this type of cancer treatment is to not go through with it at all. However, that is far worse than just worrying about your physical appearance. Fret not, though, as this problem could be fixed by opting for drug treatment after cancer therapy, but using cosmetic wigs is the most common solution.

Optimizing your lifestyle is the first step in your hair loss prevention program. Another thing to consider is getting rid of all the other factors that could contribute to the exacerbation of your condition.

We all have delicate hair follicles, and many different factors could be causing their function to stop. Such factors may include smoking, the drinking of excessive amounts of alcohol, poor diet, overwork and stress.

Dietary changes need not happen overnight, although it that can be the way to go. The first essential measure to take is changing your not-so-healthy diet into a healthy one, which is a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

In addition to changes in diet, you must also opt for the right kind of shampoo. Steer clear of those that have too many harsh chemicals, since they are known to mess up with the nutrients that the scalp and roots of hair need.

Also, get rid of shampoos that have sodium sulphate in them. Buy only shampoos that reveal their full list of ingredients. Otherwise, they might be hiding something that would make you not want to buy it. You shampoo must have B vitamins in it, which required for hair nutrition. Also, its cleansing agent must be natural.

The best way to prevent hair loss is the right nutrition, be it internal or external. Extreme hair loss caused by specific treatments or that of hereditary nature is a different story, though. This kind of hair loss could not be prevented, but synthetic or natural wigs might do you some help.

Natural wigs are much costlier, but it is worth it since you get to have hair that looks more real compared to its synthetic counterpart. Additionally, natural wigs are said to last longer. Wigs can always help you as you try steps in your hair loss prevention.

Hair Loss Prevention To Grow Some Hair

One of the hardest things women may face in their life is when they suffer from hair loss. Women with hair loss can feel less of a woman. They feel as if they’ve lost something of themselves, and it’s more than just their hair that they may have lost.

Many cases may find women with hair loss that don’t even know why they are having the problem. In order to get proper treatment for your hair problems you will need to find what underlying cause is behind it. So to help you out here are a few causes of hair falling out in women.

Even if you suffer from temporary hair loss, it is a hard thing to go through as a woman. This temporary condition known as telogen effluvium can come about in a few ways. Perhaps childbirth, crash diets, surgery, or even an event you went through that was traumatic.

Alopecia areata can also cause a woman with hair loss to lose clumps or patches of hair on her head. Not a fun thing to have happen to you, no matter how old you may be. Vitamins that are lacking in ones diet will lead to thinning hair at times too.

With certain diseases you may suffer from hair problems. In fact your body may be trying to inform you or warn you even of that problem. It’s important in this case and any when you start to lose hair you get into see a doctor. Don’t put it off, because catching it sooner is important.

Fungal infections have been shown to even cause the thinning of hair. While another disease that can bring on hair thinning is that of polycystic ovary syndrome. Many times it may be the only way that a woman will find out that she is suffering from PCOS.

There are prescriptions that you take to thin the blood, and for depression that can even cause hair to fall out. If this may be your case, simply asking to see if you can change to another type of medicine may solve your problem.

Thyroids that are overactive or underactive have also been shown to cause thinning hair. Women with hair loss need to see a doctor for this to be treated. Most times the use of prescription medicine will help out with the problem.

9 Tips For Hair Loss Prevention

Poor circulations for your scalp as well as a lack of stimulation are just a few of the factors that will lead to thinning and eventually, your hair falling out. But do not give up hope. There are things you can do to start getting better blood flow to your scalp and start getting healthy hair again.

Diet is always a contributing factor for hair health. Does your diet lack in amino acids like lysine, minerals such as Iron or Zinc? Are you getting enough vitamins such as B1 or C?

Here are 9 simple tips to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

1. Either you or a significant other should rub your scalp gently with fingertips. Use a small amount of baby oil and gently massage it into your scalp for a soothing experience.

2. Boil dry pieces of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) which you can purchase at any Indian or health food store, in coconut oil. Then take the juice your have made and mix it with limejuice. Even amounts of each juice.

Use it as you would a shampoo. The Romasanjana variety of Amla is well known to specifically stimulate hair growth.

3. Also found at the health food store are red clover tops liquid extract. Drink 30 drops of this extract daily.

4. Mix together apple cider vinegar and sage tea and put it a plastic container or bottle. This mixture is used as a rinse for your hair after shampooing.

5. Hot and cold compresses. Just like facials when you want to open pores and stimulate your skin, the same applies for your scalp. Use first hot then a cold cloth, it works great for stimulating your scalp.

6. For Vitamin supplements, add 30-60 mg of zinc daily.

7. An old but proven method for promoting hair growth cut a garlic clove and rubs it on any problem areas an hour before bedtime. When you are about to go to bed, massage your scalp with olive oil and put on a shower cap.

When you wake up the next morning, make sure you shampoo your hair. Do this for a few weeks; you should see a noticeable change. Where hair was previously falling out should stop which is very good on its own, but you may also start to see new hair begin to grow in previously problem areas.

Make sure you have a friend or your spouse let you know if there are any lingering odours, so you can shampoo them away.

8. If you are having an odour problem rub aloe Vera into your scalp that will cure it.

9. Using 1/2 tsp. of cayenne pepper and 1/2 Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar mix and dab lightly onto your scalp one hour before shampooing. This has proven to stimulate hair growth.

How To Prevent Hair Loss

One of the most devastating situations for many people is to find themselves losing their hair, or balding. This leaves them not only self-conscious about their appearance, but can have many ill effects on their emotional and mental states as well.

Experts categorize hair loss into two types – permanent hair loss and temporary hair loss. Permanent hair loss is, as a rule, associated with hereditary factors. People who have a bloodline that is prone to baldness cannot do much anything about it since it is in their genes.

However, even people with hereditary hair loss issues don’t need to lose hope. There are still methods to fighting hair loss, and you can find out more about them by reading on.

Don’t lose hope yet, and certainly don’t listen to those who may tell you there are no options because it’s a hereditary problem or issue. You can prevent your hair loss; just consult our website’s hair loss treatment compare table for more information on the treatments and products we recommend.

This pattern baldness can affect both men and women. In men, usually pattern baldness leads to receding hairlines or thinning hair, and this can happen at a very young age in some. This condition will potentially lead to partial or total baldness; especially if left untreated.

This same type of baldness can occur in women, however it usually happens much later in life, and will rarely lead to total baldness as is found in men. The most usual places for women to find they will begin balding are around the temples and hairlines.

Temporary baldness can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as illnesses, the consumption of certain medications, medical treatments and surgeries, changes in hormonal levels (as with pregnancy or birth control pills), the over-use of harsh hair treatments such as dyes, permanents and straightness, or any other means which could prevent new hairs from growing and remaining healthy.

Prevention Techniques

Those who are at risk for pattern baldness can’t change their genes, but there are ways to slow down the rate of hair loss. Keep reading to see some of the ways you can possibly prevent your loss of hair.

1) We encourage you to take a look at our compare table, and see what product we can offer you to assist in you keeping your hair as long as possible. Not all treatments need to be chemical, and you will notice that many of those you will find on the compare chart are in fact natural products. This could very well be the best first step you could possibly take to prevent your hair loss.

2) A proper and balanced diet is also a very important part played in the prevention of hair loss. Foods rich in nutrients, which will help your hair stay healthy, can be quite the warrior against hair loss.

Malnourished or undernourished people should take the time to plan out a healthy eating menu, which can provide them with sufficient nutrients for both their overall health and help some prevent their hair loss.

3) Develop good hair habits and stick with them. While your hair can be quite sturdy when it’s healthy, those people who have sensitive scalps or damaged hair should be careful when handling and caring for their hair. Gently handling your hair when it’s wet is probably the most important guideline of them all.

Wet hair is much more vulnerable, so it’s important to carefully and gently comb or brush your hair after washing. Also, if it is at all possible, set aside your hair dryer. Opt for natural air drying instead. This will be another way to be less harsh on your hair and scalp.

4) Twisting or pulling your hair should be avoided. Some people do this while trying to remove knots and snags. Others do it as a habit while talking on the phone, or during other circumstances. This will not only break the hair shaft itself, but can weaken the entire follicle, promoting the actual loss of hair.

There are several ways to stop this from resulting in hair loss too quickly. Once again, we recommend you take a look at Hair loss compare to find the product which could be right for you, and your hair loss needs. While in some cases you can’t prevent hair loss, it can certainly be postponed to some extent.

As many of the reasons behind hair loss are a result of genes or hereditary issues, in these cases the prevention techniques are not of much help, as they won’t work in this type of situation.

It is for these reasons we recommend you try one of the products found on our compare table. These commercial products have been fabricated with your specific needs in mind, and their treatments are likely to provide you with a much more desirable result.

Prevent Hair Loss – Do Not Let Your Hair Fall Out

If you want to prevent hair loss, you must be guided by some tips. Remember that an ounce of prevention is a better than pound of cure and that is synonymous to saying that preventing hair loss is better than curing it. Before it is too late, do something that can keep your hair from falling out. There are a lot of preventive ways for hair loss especially if it is not genetic or caused by chemotherapy.

Preventing hair loss goes first before seeking for a best hair loss treatment. Remember that you do not have to seek the latter if you have conducted your tasks in hair loss prevention.

Preventing hair loss may also answer your questions on how to stop hair loss from happening. The tips below contain proper hair care and proper diet for hair loss prevention.

The rates at which your hair grows, on average, is around half an inch a month but it depends on many factors. In fact, the health of your hair and how quickly it grows will also depend on your overall health.

Your hair consists of keratin which is a protein that derives from amino acids and ultimately a diet which is rich in protein will certainly accelerate how quickly your hair grows whilst giving it added shine and volume.

There are many fantastic hair growth tips for aiding longer, healthier and fuller hair. Diet plays a very important role in the quality of your hair and subsequently the healthier you are, the more likely you will have success at growing and promoting a healthy head of hair, quickly!

Zinc and Iron deficiencies can leave our bodies feeling tired and hair can end up feeling brittle and lack lustre. It really does need both of these important ingredients to maintain the healthiness which will assist in the growth of our hair. Always see a physician if you feel that there may be a health issue which is preventing your hair from growing.

The following hair growth tips can really promote hair growth and are easy to implement!

Eat a Protein Rich Diet

One of the best hair growth tips is just a small change in your diet. Eat a diet which is rich in protein and include things such as eggs, meat, fish nuts and yoghurt and ensure your body is getting enough zinc and iron. Soya beans and lentils are two good examples for those who don’t eat meat; however, there is no reason why these cannot be implemented into the diets of those who eat meat and fish.

Iron And Vitamin C

Some people do take iron supplements to enrich their diets and to prevent and control anaemia; however, it is always wise to try and get zinc and iron from natural food sources. In fact, when absorbing iron either through food naturally, or iron tablets, it is always best to ingest with a form of vitamin C as this helps to absorb the iron in to our bodies. Vitamin C is also a must if trying to promote hair growth but luckily it is easy to find naturally occurring, vitamin C in everyday foods such as oranges.

Limit Blow dryers And Hairsprays

There are many products on the market that we use every single day to style our hair but what we may not always realise is that this is causing damage and affecting our overall hair quality. Using a blow dryer, strengtheners and hairsprays and gel can have a drying effect on our hair and this means it becomes brittle.

Similarly, washing our hair every day has a drying effect because it strips hair of the natural oils which helps it to be shiny and supple. Unhealthy hair does not promote hair growth so by reducing the amount of times we wash and blow dry our hair we are helping to limit the damage.

Drying hair naturally, and not using hair products such as hairspray and gel will certainly help to improve the health of hair which means it is more likely to grow!

Change Your Shampoo

There are some shampoos which have been enriched with keratin, an ingredient that hair loves and needs to maintain healthy locks, and they can be a brilliant aid to promote fast and healthy hair growth when used in conjunction with a good healthy diet. In fact, there are an increasing amount of shampoo brands which contain caffeine and which some people swear by. These types of shampoos help the hair to become fuller and some even say that hair growth is accelerated. They are widely available and are increasing in popularity.

Use Coconut Oil

In this list of hair growth tips, another very popular one is using a coconut oil or jojoba oil can help enrich the hair and prevent dryness which in turn causes brittleness.

The key is to keep the hair follicles healthy and to prevent breakage, and ensuring that hair is breakage free by moisturising with an oil rich product, will help the hair retain the oils that are essential in promoting hair growth.

Visit Your Hairdresser

A regular visit to the hairdresser will ensure that you get a regular trim – essential for healthy hair growth. There are some special treatments that hairdressers can use to aid the health of the hair follicles so it might be worth asking about them.

The hairdresser is the best placed person to discuss the health of your hair and the things that you can do to assist hair growth. They will be able to advise you on which things you should be avoiding and products which may aid and promote healthy hair. If, however, you suspect that there may be a medical reason which is hindering the growth of your hair, you should always consult your physician. In this case, there are some prescription medicines which could be given to help your hair to grow.

Dyeing Your Hair

Avoid dyeing your hair! Dyes and lighteners have improved over recent years in terms of the chemicals that are used in them, however, if you regularly dye your hair or use other treatments which dry the hair out, it might be a good idea to cut down or stop altogether.

The chemicals are really unhealthy and repetitive use will make the hair dry and brittle and damage the hair follicles, and it will become even more difficult to promote hair growth.

Use A Hat

Avoid direct sunlight by covering up with a hat. We always look to protect our skin, however, we should also protect our hair from sunlight which actually causes the hair to dry and become brittle.

Water Is Just Great

Drink plenty of water – this doesn’t just maintain a healthy inner body but it also helps our outer body by maintaining a healthy complexion and a healthy head of hair. It will flush out the toxins in our body and will strengthen hair, making it grow much faster. The recommended amount of water is around eight glasses a day.

Use Hot Oil

Hot oil treatments can work wonders for the hair and will leave hair feeling enriched and strong. They help to provide the essential ingredient of oil which also makes the hair look much shinier. Hot oil treatments are widely available and inexpensive to use and the difference to the hair after one application is quite remarkable.

Condition Your Hair Using Egg Whites

There are plenty of ways that we can increase hair growth and there are some very simple solutions that you may find in your kitchen! Egg whites have long been renowned for their intensive conditioning effect on the hair and acts as a strengtheners. It helps the hair to shine and improves the overall quality and health, preventing dryness. Conditioning the hair regularly will keep the hair supple and strong and the hair follicle healthy.

Vitamin B And Beta-Carotene Supplements

Complement your diet with a vitamin supplement – there are many vitamin products on the market which have been specifically made to help promote hair growth.

These vitamins contain the nutrient rich elements that our hair needs. They will help to make hair stronger and improve the health of the hair follicle. Vitamin B complex and Beta-Carotene are just two important supplements which will really improve the health of your hair.

Get A Scalp Massage

Have a scalp massage! This is one of the simple yet effective hair growth tips that help to stimulate the hair follicle and it can be done practically anywhere! Many scalp massage lovers swear by this method which is fuss free and will really encourage hair to grow.

Coconut Milk

Soak your hair in coconut milk! This is a lovely, cheap way to help promote hair growth. By allowing your hair to soak up the goodness of the coconut milk, you are helping to replenish the dry and damaged strands which will make hair stronger, softer shinier and healthier – this will promote hair growth and if used regularly, the results are very noticeable indeed.

Hair Masks

There are many products on the market which include a special complex which is nutrient rich in the form of a hair mask. The focus is on the protein which is the magical key to helping our hair grow. There are many types of different brands and they do not all include natural ingredients.

That being said, some of them work incredibly well although it may be a case of trial and error before you find one that suits you. There are of course many other tips that you can try if you decide this method isn’t for you.

Natural Products

Use a natural product from a health food store! For those of us who want to improve the health of our hair without using unnatural products, you will be amazed to learn that there are staggering arrays of completely natural products available from health food stores and include zinc rich and iron rich ingredients to really assist with hair growth.

Special Shampoos

Special shampoos that have been formulated for thinning or brittle hair are incredibly popular and some people say that they do truly work.

However, what may work well for someone may not work as well for someone else, so it really can be a case of trial and error. There are some relatively inexpensive options and the focus is on achieving a full head of hair, stimulating hair growth.

Prevent hair loss in an easy way. In fact, you may do these tips daily. Just follow the tips listed above and you will not be worried about hair fall anymore.

What matters is you inculcate self-discipline if you do not want your hair to fall out. Remember that you do not need to seek any treatment for hair loss as long as you prevent this occurrence. Take care of your tresses and you will be rewarded for doing so.

Role Of Vitamin For Hair Loss Prevention

Human life span can be extended to age of 100 if he follows the healthy food habits. Fresh food is the superstitious medicine for human being in natural. Taking the proper food items will supply the necessary level of vitamin, protein and other minerals to the body. It is responsible of human to have it regularly.

Impacts of food habits are high in the growth of the hair. Naturally the human body generates some hormones and glands for the function of organs, cells and nerves .This activity of the body is directly affected by the improper food items and irregular food habits. This in turn affect the cycle of hair growth.

Nourishment of hair can be preserved by regular cleaning, avoiding usage of chemical colours, gel, shining spray, and other cosmetic products. No often change in the hair products like shampoo, oil, and conditioner. Avoid rough and hard hair dressing, give regular combing.

The above mentioned are to follow externally to protect hair from damage and loss. But internal care is must to preserve the healthy hair. Like other organs blood cells in the scalp tissue need essential fatty acids and minerals lack vitamin is major cause for hair loss.

The blood cell in the scalp dies if not supplied with necessary vitamin, without blood cells hair cannot absorb the nutrients so automatically roots weakened and results in loss of hair. Follicle shrink in scalp is due to the hormone imbalance this imbalance can be balanced by food habits regulated by dietician.

Vegetarian people those never take non vegetarian are highly affected by hair loss problem, because deficiency of vitamin b12 in their food items. This is an example to prove the importance of vitamin for hair loss prevention and to stop it. Vegetarian people compulsorily should take the supplement food to balance it.

Most of the herbal products, extraction, and oils are rich in nutrients and minerals which can be used both way internally and externally .This vitamin for hair loss is highly advantageous. Using this type of products will not produce side effects and very effective too.

Synthetic drugs of vitamin for hair loss is available in market, hence it’s completely a chemical formulation some person body are sensitive to the synthetic drugs. High dosages of drugs are very dangerous to over all body. Definitely it produces side effects and other infections. So consultation with hair expert is essential.

Leafy vegetables, sea minerals are very effective food for healthy hair. Try to take food rich in silica, iron, and calcium which stimulate the blood cells. Approach the dietician to know about the food habits that suits for the hair problem and about the essential vitamin for hair loss prevention. Use the other vitamin pills or tonic in the guidance of your physician.

To Prevent Hair Loss, Start By Isolating And Understanding The Cause

Before looking at how you can prevent hair loss, we need to know what the normal cycle is for hair growth and hair loss. In a normal cycle, hair growth will last for 2 to 3 years, with each hair growing roughly 1 centimetre every month during this cycle.

Now, 10 per cent of your hair is generally in a resting cycle at any one time, while the remaining 90 percent is in the growth cycle. After time, resting hair will become detached from the scalp, and new hair will begin to grow in its place.

You must realize that it is normal to lose some hair everyday – it is just a normal part of the hair’s cycle, but some people do shed more hair than others.

To know whether you can prevent your hair loss, you need to know what is causing your hair loss. For example, if you have had major surgery, the stress of this could result in you losing large amounts of hair some 3 to 4 months after the event.

Serious illness can have the same effect, but this kind of hair loss is usually the temporary kind, provided the stress is removed, and the hair will normal grow back, given time.

Hair loss Prevention

Some hair loss is caused by hormonal imbalance, and in this case, if you correct the balance of these hormones, your hair should start growing back.

If your thyroid gland is over producing or under producing, you may also lose hair, but of course you need to get a doctor’s diagnosis for this cause too, and then take the medication prescribed to get your health back on track, and your hair growing again.

A condition called alopecia causes hair loss, usually more on one side of the scalp than the other, and this condition can clear up without treatment. No one treatment has been found successful for everyone with this condition.

For women, hair loss can occur about 3 months after having a baby, and again this can be due to the hormonal shifts which occur during pregnancy. Once the hormones return to their normal state, the hair growth should start up again.

For some people, it is the medications that they are taking for some illness that causes the hair to fall out. Anticoagulants or blood thinners can have this effect, so too can prescription medications for high blood pressure, antidepressants, and gout.

But before changing any of your medication levels, or stopping taking them altogether, you must talk to your doctor about your concerns, and see what he or she recommends. There may be other drugs you can take that will suit you better.

In some cases, the hair loss itself is a signal of an underlying disease, for example diabetes. This means that it is very important to see your family doctor to rule out any types of disease as the cause of your hair loss, and to do this as soon as you notice the hair loss.

Now in some cases, a skin infection can cause hair loss. In children, some fungal infections of the scalp can cause this, but it is easily treatable with anti fungal medications, and the hair should grow back.

Eating a good diet is important for your health, and the health of your hair reflects how healthy your body is. Because hair loss can indicate an underlying disease, it is important to get a regular check up with your doctor to make sure that your health is good.

So, what diet will give you healthy hair? Since the hair is made up of proteins, it makes sense that you eat some protein regularly as part of a healthy diet.

However, the meat that you get the protein from should be low in fat, so fish fits the needs quite nicely, especially since it is good for cholesterol levels and other things too.

Making sure you are not anaemic, and that you have adequate supply of iron in your diet is also important, as well as zinc, but don’t take too much or that could cause problems too! It is all about balance.

So, if you want to prevent hair loss, eat a good diet, with lean protein, exercise regularly, and see you doctor regularly for checkups too, especially if you notice excessive hair loss.

The Six S‘s Of Hair Loss Prevention

Losing hair is part of a cycle called life. As we grow old, we become more mature and so does our body. We become prone to sickness and other conditions. However, hair loss is one of the conditions most people do not look forward to.

Like anyone of us, we become nervous about waking up one morning to find our pillow covered with hair or our comb with more hairs tangled on the brush.

The following are tips on hair loss prevention. These tips will serve as your guidelines to help you maintain a healthy head of hair:

1. Stay stress-free

People suffering from extreme stress will usually experience temporary hair loss. Stress is one of the main causes of hair loss. Keep stress away from you as much as possible. It would be better if you try to de-stress your life in order to prevent hair loss. You can start by making sure that you get enough sleep or eating the right kind of foods. Exercising and engaging in meditation and yoga classes will also help you get rid of work-related stress.

2. Stop using chemical-rich hair care products

Harsh chemical treatments can have a very negative effect on your hair. Excessive colouring or perming is not really good for the texture of your hair. This can also cause dryness and hair loss. You might even lose the natural texture of your hair. Getting your hair dyed frequently can also result to hair loss. Even the use of shampoos with hair chemicals and other styling products such as hair spray, gel or mousse can damage your hair by making it brittle, hence leading to hair loss problems.

You need to stay away from harmful chemicals; instead, choose hair products that are made from natural herbal ingredients.

3. Stay fit; take care of your diet.

It is important to eat healthy foods and ensure that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals that it needs. You need to stay physically fit because oftentimes the body will show poor health through the hair follicles and fingernails. Your hair can become a reflection of your health condition.

A healthy diet is very important to keep a healthy head of hair. A well-balanced diet helps to prevent hair loss; hence, include fruits and vegetables in your diet to prevent hair loss.

4. Stay kind to your hair

Subjecting your hair to frequent dye jobs as well as complicated hairstyles might do your hair follicles harm. If you are serious about hair loss prevention, you should make sure that you are not cruel to your hair. Harsh rays of the sun can also damage your hair and result to hair loss.

Therefore, a useful tip on preventing hair loss would be to avoid overexposure to harsh sunlight. Use a stylish hat or a tie a scarf around your hair if you need to step out into the sun. Beat the heat in true style.

5. Separate myths from reality

You should learn to differentiate hair loss myths from the facts. There are lots of common misconceptions when it comes to hair loss. For instance, brushing your hair 100 strokes per day will make it healthier and grow faster.

False: The only thing brushing your hair 100 strokes per day will do is to create breakage and more damage to your hair. Brushing hair that much can damage the hair follicles, thereby causing split ends. If you wish to avoid hair loss problems, then make sure to separate myths from reality.

6. Stick to your hair loss experts.

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