Pantogar for Hair Loss

Pantogar is licensed as a dietary supplement to stop hair loss and keep hair healthy. It is not proven as effective and does not guarantee much result to treating your hair loss problems.

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Pantogar is manufactured by a German pharmaceutical company Merz and is licensed as a dietary supplement in the United States where it is used periodically to stop hair loss and to help improve the look and feel of hair.

We have added the ingredient list below and will go through the various components of this supplement. Sadly, it is just that, a dietary supplement that provides a few more B vitamins. Included in the Pantogar formula are:

  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)
  • Calcium D-Pantothenate
  • Vigar-yeast
  • L-Cystine
  • Keratin
  • Para-aminobenzoic Acid

The first thing that should jump out at you in this formula are that it contains the vitamins Thiamine (B1), Calcium D-Pantothenate (B5), Para-aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) and Cysteine (an amino acid.) It also contains Keratin which is the protein that hair and nails are made up of. With that formula, basically, you are getting a B vitamin and protein source with very little potency.

So what does that mean? Does it work? Well, the short answer is no, it probably won’t do anything that a good multivitamin won’t do. It does contain B vitamins which are used to create the Keratin strand that eventually make up your hair. However, the dosage is extremely low for your daily needs and way too low to have much of an effect on hair growth.

The Pantogar formula also includes Cysteine which is an amino acid that can be derived from any good protein source. It is the major amino acid that makes up Keratin and is found in high levels in hair. Does that mean having more of it will stop hair loss? Not necessarily.

You need enough protein to stay healthy and allow your body to work properly. Most people get plenty of protein in their diet and have no use for supplementing it. However, if you have gone vegan, then it may be helpful.

Finally, we have Keratin which is a complex protein made up of cysteine and other amino acids. This is the major building block for your hair and nails. Sadly, your body must produce Keratin by itself and supplementation with it just won’t help.

What happens is that just like any other protein that you eat; your body must digest it and break it down into its amino acid components. Then the body uses those components for whatever purpose it needs.

Adding Keratin to your diet to improve hair growth is akin to pouring powdered glass into your car’s gas tank to repair a windshield. It sounds good on paper, but in truth, it just won’t work.

Overall, the Pantogar system appears to be a useless product, and my review is that you shouldn’t waste your money. If you are looking to stop hair loss, find a system that has a well-understood method of action and demonstrated clinical success in thousands of patients.

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