Nutrifolica Hair Loss Shampoo

Nutrifolica Accelerated Hair Growth Formula is a 100% all natural product that controls hair loss and baldness. Nutrifolica helps to grow hair using a three-pronged approach:

  • Gentle Cleaning
  • Nutrient Supply
  • Neutralization of DHT
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Genetics plays an important part when it comes to balding and hair loss. Androgenic alopecia refers to the genetic predisposition to hair loss. The gene can be inherited from either of the parents and the chances of losing hair are more if both the father and mother suffered hair loss.

Accumulation of DHT in the scalp can cause shrinking of hair follicles, miniaturization, and eventual stoppage of hair growth from them. There are many other causes of hair loss including aging, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, effect of medication, etc. Hair loss can be reduced if some of these causes can be tackled.

Nutrifolica Accelerated Hair Growth Formula is a 100% all natural product that controls hair loss and baldness. Nutrifolica helps to grow hair using a three-pronged approach:

Neutralization of DHT

Nutrifolica Accelerated Hair Growth Formula prevents binding of DHT to receptor sites in the hair follicles. The binding of DHT to hair follicles which are genetically predisposed to shrinkage causes hair loss and eventual baldness.

Nutrient Supply

Nutrifolica Accelerated Hair Growth Formula works to nourish the hair follicle on a consistent basis by supplying essential nutrients. This strengthens the follicle and prevents it from falling out prematurely. Thus it guards hair loss. The hair also grows long and thick.

Gentle Cleaning

Nutrifolica Accelerated Hair Growth Formula cleans the scalp gently and unclogs the follicles. It works to remove oil and dirt in such a way that there is no residue left behind as is done by harsh shampoos that contain sulphates.

So, What Are The Ingredients Used? How It Works?

Nutrifolica Accelerated Hair Growth Formula contains ingredients that are natural. Ingredients assume a lot of importance when it comes to effective results.

The ingredients in Nutrifolica include:

  • Saw palmetto acts as a DHT blocker.
  • Nettles are rich in vitamins A and C and contain minerals including iodine, sulphur, and silicon.
  • Lemongrass normalizes oil production in the scalp.
  • Horsetail has a number of amino acids that are required to build healthy hair. It adds both sheen and elasticity, to the hair.
  • Sage is an antimicrobial and antibacterial astringent; it is a good conditioner as well.
  • Rosemary cleans the build-up on the scalp and cleanses the hair follicles. It also acts as an antiseptic.
  • Aloe Vera heals, soothes, and moisturizes the scalp and skin.
  • Alpha hydroxyl is a gentle exfoliator made from honey. It cleans the pores by removing the dead skin cells. This cleanup allows nutrients to reach the follicles and stimulate and nourish them.
  • Green tea is a good conditioner and also works to remove dandruff. Green tea is rich in nutrients that nourish the hair.
  • Ingredients in Nutrifolica that stimulate the hair follicles are ginger and habanera.
  • Hops and the bark of wild cherry are added and they form excellent conditioners.

The wide variety of botanical extracts added make Nutrifolica an exclusive and unique hair growth product. The fact that most of the ingredients are natural botanical extracts, using the product gives rise to zero side effects. There is no itching, no inflammation, no brittle or dry hair, or no discoloration.

The unique Nutrifolica formulation helps the nutrients to be absorbed soon after application. The manufacturing process ensures that the active ingredients retain their potency.

How to Use Nutrifolica?

Nutrifolica Accelerated Hair Growth Formula is a topical application that can be used on the scalp once a day. It can be used by both men and women who have thinning hair and hair loss problems. People of all age groups having different types of hair are free to use Nutrifolica.

The manufacturer recommends that Nutrifolica be applied at night as the cell regenerates best during sleep.

Results can be seen in just two months’ time. Hair is seen to be thicker and stronger. Baby hairs start growing in currently inactive hair follicles and active follicles are seen to more hair. However, consistent usage for six months is recommended.


  • Ingredients are 100% safe to use and there are no undesirable side effects.
  • The product comes with a six-month money back guarantee.
  • It contains no alcohol and does not dry the scalp.
  • It does not leave any greasy residue either.

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Nutrifolica – The Solution For Hair Loss

Now you can regrow your hair by stopping the bad body chemical DHT, the primary cause of hair loss. DHT, a bi-product of testosterone, “strangles” hair follicles until they no longer produce hair.

Nutrifolica Hair Regrowth Treatment