This product is at the higher end of the hair loss market in terms of price; however, as most will agree, you tend to pay for what you get.

The product in question is called Nourkrin and has been the subject of a clinical study to validate its claims of efficacy. The manufacturer is no ‘fly by night’ company; it’s been around for some 20 years, so is well established. They’ve put together a product which has been shown to be drug free, safe and scientifically proven.

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It comes in the form of a conditioner which can be used by both sexes and is available from H&B. There’s also tablets (available separately) which have been formulated with vitamins and minerals specifically aimed at enhancing the overall health of your hair. There are his and her varieties which target the differing reasons between the sexes for hair loss.

Unlike some hair loss treatments which make unsubstantiated claims, Nourkrin has been, as was mentioned earlier, the subject of a clinical study and users reported experiencing highly significant results.

At £50 (plus) for a month’s supply of the tablets, there are obviously cheaper alternatives; however, because of the results obtained we believe it should at least be considered.

But before jumping in, examine the other alternatives, the better ones are mentioned on this site, that said, we believe Nourkrin deserves some publicity from ourselves because it backs up its claims not with mere rhetoric but via independent clinical studies.

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