Nizoral – Hair Loss Treatment

Nizoral shampoo is a product made completely to stop dandruff caused by fungal scalp infections. Nizoral helps to fight the signs of baldness or slow the hair loss process in them.

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Nizoral shampoo is a product that is commonly used to stop dandruff that has been caused by fungal scalp infections. It can be frequently found with a one or two percent concentration of the main ingredient ketoconazole. Several countries require prescriptions before allowing the two percent version to be purchased.

Many people are absolutely not aware that using Nizoral may be helping them fight the signs of baldness or slow the hair loss process in them. In reality, studies have revealed that the two percent ketoconazole was equally effective as two percent concentrations of minoxidil even though the minoxidil products are more widely recognized for dealing with baldness.

Advantages of Using Ketoconazole

No review is complete without discussing the benefits of the product. In the present economy, the biggest bonus is the price placed upon it. The reason behind this is that Nizoral is still widely considered to be little more than an anti-dandruff shampoo. This implies that everyone hasn’t learned how effective it is for dealing with hair loss.

Nizoral customers are usually surprised and thrilled to learn that it is so much easier to use than it is to use many competitor’s products. Products that are all too easy to use are usually used very often. The majority of people incorporate it into their usual shower and hair washing routines.

If it’s possible, buy the two percent concentration of ketoconazole so that you can get the best preventative impact. Keep in mind that this is a product intended to stop or slow hair loss and not necessarily to re-grow hair (even though some claim they have new hair growth soon after using Nizoral).

Nizoral Disadvantages

You should also note that there are a couple of downsides to using Nizoral for a hair loss treatment. The first major negative to keep in mind is that this product is more about protecting against even further hair loss.

That is simply not something the product claims to achieve. It is a product that does do one thing extremely well though; it slows down the progression of existing hair loss problems.

Additionally, there are unintended effects to address. Though they aren’t massive side effects experienced by all, there are a number of negative side effects to consider prior to using this for hair loss or for dandruff. For a number of people, the impact of the product on hair texture is the most bothersome effect.

A few also report that it triggers some degree of discoloration or darkening of the hair. The other more widely experienced side effect of this particular shampoo is that it usually makes the head itch.

If you want to slow the progression of hair thinning then Nizoral has a great deal to offer. There are very few products out there that can outpace Nizoral when it comes to cost, effectiveness, and ease of application.

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