Nisim Hair Loss Reduction Normal To Oily Shampoo

Nisim is the solution to control hair loss and re-grow lost hair. Nisim is so popular in hair treatment today in the market. The Nisim re-growth system comes in various forms, though each is a cleansing-based formula. Each product is specifically made to match different hair types for the best benefits. It really works.

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If you are looking for a Nisim review, you came to the right place. If you have been to the Nisim website, you already know their “promise” which is to restore the normal growth of your hair, the natural way. Its appeal is coming up with products that can help naturally. But does it really work?

About Nisim Company And Their Products

The manufacturers of Nisim hair loss treatment is a Canadian company called Nisim International. They have been developing various products for various hair problems. They boast of products that are safe and clinically tested effective.

Their development process has taken years and years before it reached their definition of perfection. Their products actually use herbal ingredients so the side effects are reduced to nil.

What Is Nisim?

Since hair growth products come in all forms, it is hard to find one that is actually effective. Well, now there is a product that has been clinically proven to work as directed. Nisim is a shampoo, cleansing-based product. The Nisim product line is internationally known and has been in the development of some of the best products for the past two decades.

Nisim is said to control hair loss and re-grow lost hair. Nisim is so popular that it is shipped to over thirty different countries. The Nisim re-growth system comes in various forms, though each is a cleansing-based formula. Each product is specifically created to match different hair types for the best benefits.

The Tri Pack comes with an oily shampoo, an oil-free conditioner, and an original stimulating extract. Substitutions can be made for different hair types.

Since hair loss in adults is caused by one specific hormone, Nisim works to reverse this effect. This hormone is called DHT and is naturally produced in the body. DHT inhibits hair growth, damages hair follicles, and causes hair loss. With this research Nisim developed a non-pharmaceutical product to promote hair growth and halt the production of DHT.

Another re-growth system by Nisim is the New Hair Bio factors two-step process. As a shampoo and conditioner, this system eliminates the outside factors like dirt and sweat that can attribute to hair loss. Nisim also work in neutralizing DHT and stimulating new hair growth.

Does Nisim Work?

This company has a wide range of products. Their shampoo line is receiving a good many feedbacks, so you have an idea that it actually works. Many customers, men and women, love its great effects and they can really see that they have stopped shedding an alarming large number of strands.

They have engineered their products in such a way that it can treat various causes of hair loss and can cater to various hair qualities. The company is urging the customers to purchase their conditioners for the shampoo to work better but most customers have seen changes even without using their other products.

We collected the following information from Nisim review and various customer testimonials:


  • Most of their products, especially the shampoo smells great (It is probably because of the blend of herbal ingredients)
  • There are many testimonials that say their hair grew twice as fast because of the shampoo
  • Comes with a money back guarantee
  • The company will ship it to you discreetly (in a discreet package)

Are There Any Nisim Side Effects?

There are no reported side effects, although the company advises their customers to dilute the shampoo first with water so that it will not come too strong.

There are those who say the shampoo has dried their hair considerably, which can be rectified if they use the conditioner. In general, there are no major side effects.


Based from all the positive comments about the people who have used it, one can only surmise that it works. It can help hinder the fall of hair in under 7 days and can promote better growth of tress in a month or two.

Although many people comment that the shampoo alone works, for those who have severe cases, they can benefit a lot from the stimulating extract. With proper usage, this can make their condition significantly better.

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Hair Growth Shampoo – Nisim New Hair BioFactors

Losing your hair can be a distressing situation for both men and women. However, there is a solution. Nisim International, an innovator in hair care technology, has created a new product called Nisim New Hair BioFactors.