Nanogen Hair Growth Serum

Nanogen is the type of hair product that is made specifically to help conceal hair loss, strengthen and thicken existing hair and grow new hair. It is a topical formula.

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Based in London, England, Nanogen creates a series of hair loss products that are designed to help conceal hair loss, strengthen and thicken existing hair, and grow new hair.

Nanogen is a concealing type of hair product that uses keratin fibres to help build stronger existing hair. The technology is based on the elements of hair fibres, or keratin. When hair is formed inside the hair follicle at the root, proteins and amino acids combine to build layers of hardened material. When those live tissue material pushes through the scalp, it becomes dead tissue and hardens into a 3-layer fibrous cell accumulation of keratin.

The basis of Nanogen is to add to the keratin already existing in a hair fibre. When Nanogen is applied, it attaches to the hair fibres and instantly becomes thicker. Thicker, denser hair helps create a more natural looking hair blend that looks fuller and removes the appearance of thinning hair.

What Is Nanogen?

Nanogen is a topical hair formula that works similarly to the drug, Minoxidil, which is proven to help re-grow lost hair. Hair strengthening products include sprays and conditioners intended to provide nutrients to hair follicles and strengthen existing hair.

For non-topical treatments, Nano-Caps is a non-drug pill that is derived from ’neutraceutical’ ingredients. These natural ingredients help keep existing hair by protecting hair follicles against the effects of DHT, which is the main cause of genetic hair loss in men.

Benefits of Nanogen

Using the Nanogen products, an individual has an arsenal of tools to use against hair loss. At the first sign of hair loss, Nanogaine can be used to help restart hair growth in follicles affected by DHT. The other products can be used to keep the scalp clean and provide nutrients to keep existing hair growing strongly. The concealer products are effective in building the density of existing hair.

Method of Treatment

Depending on the type of product, Nanogen is applied by different methods. The concealer is a powder sprinkle system that is applied directly to hair. Strengthening products are in the form of conditioners and sprays. The hair re-growth system is a topical solution applied directly to hair roots. As discussed earlier, Nanocaps is a pill containing natural ingredients taken orally to help fight the effects of DHT against hair loss.

Side Effects

Nanogen products are relatively new to the market and detailed studies of side effects are not well known. Typical side effects for topical hair products in conditioner or spray form may be itchy, dry scalp, or even rash. The DHT inhibitors if taken orally can cause a loss of libido in men since it affects the male hormone, testosterone.

Costs of Nanogen

The cost of the Nanogen hair concealer is relatively inexpensive. A one month supply can be bought for as little as $20. Hair restorers are more expensive and can be as much as $50.

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