Nano Shampoo Review

The Nano Shampoo has been made to cleanse the scalp and simultaneously function as a treatment for hair loss in both men and women. Created by Dr. Proctor, it claims to have active ingredients that have been combined to encourage the growth of hair. It is the best natural alternative for hair loss treatment.

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Nano Shampoo created by Dr. Proctor claims to have active ingredients that have been combined to encourage the growth of hair. The Nano Shampoo is formulated to be different from the other regular shampoos available in the market. Regular use of the shampoo also purportedly strengthens the hair.

The Nano Shampoo has been created to cleanse the scalp while simultaneously functioning as a treatment for hair loss in both men and women.


The effect of the Nano Shampoo is due to the active ingredients that it contains. The shampoo contains nutrients that mimic the action of minoxidil that are in fact considered to be natural alternatives to minoxidil. They increase blood flow and stimulate circulation.

The unique ingredient of Nano Shampoo is SOD (3-carboxylic acids pyridine n-oxide). This is a SODase type hair growth stimulating agent. They are potent antioxidants.

Another important ingredient is NANO (nicotinic acid n-oxide), which is a minoxidil-like hair growth agent. Nano Shampoo gives better results if used along with Proxiphen or Proxiphen-N, a topical non-prescription hair growth product manufactured by Dr. Proctor.

Other ingredients of the Nano Shampoo include 3-carboxylic acid that gives its foaming properties. The pyridine n-oxide stabilizes the foaming and washes away the grime from the scalp.

PEG-80 sorbitan laurate, a common surfactant, is used to degrease and emulsify and suspend the oils and fats; cocamidopropyl beatine is another gentle surfactant used in skin-care products; sodium laureth sulphate is a detergent derived from coconut. It is used as a cleansing agent and is found in most shampoos.

In addition, allantoin, arginine used to increase blood circulation, panthenol, fragrance, blue dye #1, etc., are also used.

How to Use Nano Shampoo

Apply the shampoo to the hair and leave on for about two minutes. Then rinse the hair. The product can be used three to six times in a week. Results can be expected in about three to six months of using the shampoo regularly.


  • It cleanses and soothes the scalp.
  • Use of the shampoo leaves the skin feeling smooth and renewed.
  • It prevents thinning of hair and hair loss.
  • The product is mild enough and is suitable for everyday use.


  • Some users have cited mild irritation during initial stages of use of the Nano Shampoo.
  • There is no mention of a satisfaction guarantee on purchase of the product.


Dr. Proctor’s Nano Shampoo is a great shampoo for treating hair loss. I’ve tried a bunch of other hair loss shampoos with little to zero results. Nano Shampoo is a little pricey but it really does work. It didn’t take months for the positive results to show either.

I started noticing my hair especially on the crown area thickening within a couple of weeks. Don’t be put off by the low lather; as long as you massage shampoo into your scalp it is very cleansing and squeaky to the touch without having any chemical surfactants for a “lather effect”.

I’m really surprised Nano Shampoo doesn’t get more positive feedback, with all the overpriced, over hyped and INEFFECTIVE so-called hair loss shampoos and treatments out there getting so much attention. Dr. Proctor’s Nano Shampoo works for me, hope it works for you!