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Thinning hair is no fun at all even to guys who make jokes about our thinning locks deep down and are insecure about it. One of the things that put many of us of taking the plunge on one of these hair re-growth formulas is the price.

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Some of these costs in the three figures! This is a pretty big gamble as even the ones that are regarded as the best do not work for everyone. But Kirkland has made this pretty amazing formula that not only works, but it’s very easy on the wallet as well.

Right, let’s get one thing stated right of the bat and that is the kind of guy that the Kirkland Hair Re-Growth Formula is aimed at. This is aimed for us guys who have a somewhat moderate hair loss on the top of our hair.

You know where your hair looks fine from the front and the back, but things are getting a little thin on top. This is the type of hair that this is for. If you have severe hair loss then this is not for you, but that is not a bad thing. Kirkland is really up front about the type of person this is for.

The Kirkland Hair Re-Growth Formula is really easy to use. Just put a little bit of it on your hands and gentle rub it in. That is all there is to it. Now be warned this is not a foam this is a sticky type of liquid, but that is to the products advantage. You see when you apply this to your scalp it stays on there or a while and work its magic.

The problem with the foam based hair re-growth formulas is that while they may feel nicer they dry a heck of a lot quicker which means you have to put more of it on and more often!

With the Kirkland Hair Re-Growth Formula, you can just put it on once a day and that is enough. For me it’s best to put on a little while before you go to bed as it can be a little rough in your pillow if you go to bed with it still wet.

So, what is the best buy? To get all the benefits and to get your confidence back in shape, I recommend a six bottle package of the Kirkland Hair Re-Growth Formula. This is roughly a six month supply of the treatment.

You get a child proof applicator as well to keep the kids from spraying the bathroom with it! And you even get a nice little sheet telling you the best way to use the formula. In all, it’s a great starter pack and it lasts a very long time.

Kirkland Hair Re-Growth Formula would be a perfect purchase if you are just starting to experience hair loss or thinning. It’s a great price so there really is no gamble here at all.

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