Kevis Hair Rejuvenation Program consists of products that can be applied topically not only to prevent hair loss, but also to promote growth of healthy hair.

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The product range of Kevis includes shampoo, conditioner, booster, accelerator and lotion. A great feature of Kevis products is that they are drug free and can be used by both men and women.

A major cause of hair loss is due to higher levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of the male hormone testosterone, present in the scalp at follicular levels. DHT acts to shrink the hair follicles and make them inactive. Kevis’ products act at the follicular levels to reduce the damaging effect of DHT.

The key benefits of using Kevis products are as follows:

  • It promotes growth of healthy hair.
  • The use of the product prevents hair loss.
  • It acts to reduce the effect DHT in the scalp, the major cause for alopecia in males and females.

Active Ingredients of Kevis’ Products

The key ingredient of all of Kevis’ products is hyaluronan (HUCP), a patented version of hyaluronic acid that has high-molecular weight. Hyaluronic acid is a protein that is found in connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid in joints throughout the human body. The products also contain thiogycoran and natural enzymes that help deactivate DHT.

In addition to HUCP, the 8th generation hair loss treatment products Kevis 8 also contains tricozyme which neutralizes free floating DHT molecules. Kevis 8 also contains nutrients that are required for the hair and vasodilation ingredients that help to improve microcirculation.

How Do These Products Work

The three main products of Kevis are the Earth Elements Shampoo, Kevis 8 and Accelerator. They work in tandem to prevent hair loss or, in certain cases, reverse the process.

Kevis gives a warm and glowing sensation after a few minutes of application, indicating that the stimulating nutrients present in the product are penetrating the layers of skin on the scalp to rejuvenate follicles that are currently deteriorating.

These products also act to increase microcirculation and enhance follicular productivity and vibrancy. This lotion inhibits the accumulation of DHT molecule.

The Kevis Earth Elements Shampoo that contains the patented HUCP is an effective scalp and hair cleanser. It creates a protective cover on the scalp and hair with the help of the natural copolymers present in it, balances moisture and prevents dehydration. In addition, it improves skin elasticity. The amino acids present in the shampoo protect the protein structure of the hair.

Kevis Accelerator works to remove the scalp residue to enable hair rejuvenation through Kevis 8 and Kevis shampoos. Scalp residues are formed when calcium present in water binds with the dead skin cells and dirt on the scalp. These residues block the hair follicle and shampooing alone cannot remove them.

Kevis Booster takes hair care to a new level as it directly attacks DHT through a natural protein interaction process. It is an engineered protein that acts to breakdown DHT molecules before they reach the hair follicle.

The booster enzymes attach themselves to DHT molecules, in the same way that the DHT molecules attach themselves to follicular receptors, and break them down into two lower forms of steroids that are naturally present in the body. These steroids are then eliminated from the body as waste products.

How to Use the Products?

  • Pull up the cap and then pull it down in the direction of the white arrow mark provided on top of the protective cap.
  • Press the red button to release the tricozyme enzyme complex into the bottle.
  • Shake vigorously to ensure proper mixing of the enzyme complex and Kevis hair and scalp lotion.
  • Take the capsule out of the bottle.
  • Place applicator on top of the bottle.
  • For best results, after mixing apply immediately over the area on the scalp where the hair is thinning. Press the applicator to release the drops.
  • The mixture has to be applied directly to the scalp on thinning areas first and then to the rest of the areas. Massage using the tips of the fingers. A feeling of slight warmth and a tingling sensation may be experienced. There will be a slight reddening of the scalp as well. This can last for approximately 15 – 30 minutes.


Pour the required amount of accelerator as directed into the palm of the hand. Run it through the hair and massage into scalp. Leave it for 3 – 4 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Kevis Accelerator can be used 2 – 3 times a week prior to shampooing in order to remove the calcium deposits, dead skin cells, and other residues. A bottle of Accelerator can last for approximately 3 months if it is used as directed.

Kevis Shampoos

  • Pour a small amount of shampoo on to the palm of the hand.
  • Run the shampoo through hair and massage into scalp till it lathers.
  • Rinse thoroughly after one or two minutes.
  • Kevis shampoos do not produce lather like the commercial shampoos as they are free of harsh detergents. A bottle of shampoo can last for about six weeks considering once daily usage.

Kevis Hair Improvement Program

  • The hair improvement program of Kevis consists of:
  • Basic Starter Kit with twelve bottles of Kevis 8
  • One Earth Elements Shampoo and
  • One Earth Elements Conditioner
  • Advanced Starter Kit containing 24 Bottles of Kevis 8
  • One Earth Elements Shampoo
  • One Earth Elements Conditioner and
  • One Kevis Accelerator
  • 1-Year Total Maintenance Program comes with Kevis 8 Hair and Scalp Lotion,Kevis Booster Capsules, Kevis Accelerator and client’s choice of Kevis Shampoos.


  • Kevis products are clinically tested and are drugs free.
  • They can be used by men and women.
  • They are safe to use.
  • Refund is provided on unopened products.


  • Allergic reactions have been experienced by some people.
  • Kevis products should not be used on the same day if hair treatments such as colouring, etc. are done.


I’ve been a Kevis customer for almost 2 years now and I tried the new Accelerator product for the first time last night. I’ve been happy with my results on your program so far but I cannot believe how strong, healthy and SOFT all at the same time my hair feels, and how shiny it looks.

This product is terrific and I just thought you should know. Now that I’ve tried the Accelerator it will become part of my regular order.

– Joyce

A few years ago, I heard about Kevis Hair Improvement Programs. I was starting to lose my hair so I carefully reviewed the program and its products, claims, etc.

During 19 years of private practice, I specialized in cosmetic dermatology with my sub-specialty being hair transplants. I personally performed at least 20,000 hair transplantations and I was not aware of any other method that would allow for the rejuvenation / re-growth of hair on the scalp.

I was truly impressed with what I read and heard so I tried the program on my own scalp. The results speak for themselves. Approximately 85% of the thinning areas are now filled with hair and the density of the hair is thick.

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