How do you get your hair to be more manageable; to be softer, straighter and shinier? You may have heard about these keratin treatments and are seriously considering it. Ok, maybe you’re not 100% sure how going to work, nevertheless it’s getting a great deal of exciting reviews and you believe you want one too!

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You’re never someone to remain out of the loop, but what are the facts? What makes it work? What will happen once I check out a salon and schedule an appointment? There are many treatments on the market to choose from in case you are contemplating a keratin treatment.

Most treatments only last for an average of 3 months, like Brazilian Tech Keratin Treatment and Keratin Complex Hair Therapy. The keratin in the solution will smooth the hair but it won’t permanently break any bonds, which means that your natural texture gradually returns.

The original Brazilian treatments, however, have been studied and do contain varying quantities of formaldehyde (a cancer causing substance that poses health threats when inhaled), in addition to keratin protein.

The brand Keratin Complex Hair Therapy relies on a “captured procedure concerning the formaldehyde,” in addition any formaldehyde gas released during the therapy for this is below the exposure limit set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

As soon as the solution is applied, the hair is blow-dried, then straightened with a flat iron and stays in until after you’ve shampooed three to four days later.

These treatments may be performed on colour-treated hair, damaged or dry types and on as different as waves to tight curls; the treatment defines frizz but maintains your texture and volume. Even though you will still have to blow-dry to straighten, the straightening process will call for much less effort.

The more treatments you get, there will be a build-up of keratin which will make your curly hair straighter and shinier and minimize daily styling and the effort you put into having a nice style.

Could It Repair My Hair Damage?

Keratin treatments won’t repair your damage, but are gentle enough to utilize on all types. The treatment may make your damage less noticeable and give you the ability to grow out your hair faster. You can even get one done after you colour or chemically treat it.

How Many Times Do I Need the Treatment?

That depends on your individual preferences but typically the greater you treat the hair with these products, the healthier it becomes. With regards to the client’s lifestyle, the service typically lasts 3-5 months. However these treatments can be performed every 4-6 weeks at the appropriate intervals.

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