Juveker Keratin

The solution to instantly conceal bald spots and thicken fine hair is finally here-and it’s called Juveker Hair Building Fibres. Juveker is not intended to re-grow hair, but to make the hair you already have look thicker and fuller.

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Juveker is composed of millions of tiny keratin fibres that are statically charged and once applied to the scalp they attach to your existing hair and blend in seamlessly for a natural fuller look.

This product has a 30 day money-back guarantee, less 20% restocking fee and any S&H fee paid for expedited service.

Juveker Hair Building Fibres is a cosmetic hair loss concealer that is designed to cover bald spots and reduces the appearance of thinning hair. Juveker is not intended to re-grow hair or stop hair loss.

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