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Head and Body Massage Benefits

One of the main differences between Eastern and Western Medicine is the way they look at illness or a malfunction of the body. Whilst Western Doctors like to treat just the complaint itself and use drugs to reduce any pain, Holistic or Natural therapists believe that prevention is better than cure.

Their aim is not just to treat the symptoms but also to explore what is causing the problem in the first place and eliminate it. Massage can work in the same way; the human touch is very powerful in the healing process. We are receptive to touch, we enjoy it and we respond to it in a very positive way.

Massage can help us in many ways. It can help provide and restore correct balance in the body, and promote a sense of relaxation. When a good state of the mind is induced by massage then all feelings of anxiety and worry, stress and depression can be alleviated to good effect.

By restoring proper balance, a sense of equilibrium takes place. Correct balance and a peaceful mind-set are most advantageous not only in our aim to halt hair loss but in our well-being generally. Massage therapy is proven and provides amazing benefits to all people, male or female and young or old.

The Main Benefits of Massage

We have already hinted at one main benefit of massage, and that is to reduce damaging stress levels in your body. The other benefits include helping the mobility and movement of the joints, and also to improve circulation.

Now you see how massage can help in not only halting hair loss but in regenerating and promoting new hair growth. Two of the biggest factors in losing hair are poor circulation and stress, get rid of those two and we are on the right path!

Indian Head Massage

In case you are not aware, Indian Head Massage is a therapeutic massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. There is no massage oil involved, you remain fully clothed, unlike in body massage, and you remain sitting down. It originates from India and dates back over 5000 years.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

•Relieves tension and headaches,
•Helps with neck and back pain
•Alleviates stress and promotes a feeling of relaxation and well-being
•Helps remove toxins and boosts the immune system
•Improves blood circulation through the whole body
•Increases energy and concentration levels

Indian Head Massage radically deals with scalp and hair problems, by promoting a vibrant and strong blood supply to the scalp. The movement and warmth of the hands causes the scalp and pores to open up, allowing the hair follicle to breath and be nourished properly with the stronger blood flow.

Increased blood flow and the introduction of extra nourishment to the hair follicles is something we are trying to achieve: It’s vital for new hair growth. Scalp massage helps us tremendously in this goal and is something that you should definitely consider.

Body Massage

Body massage too, dates back 1000’s of years, its benefits well known. Chinese, Hindu, Greek and Roman writings all mention massage techniques to alleviate stress, increase energy, relieve tiredness and improve health in general.

The same message applies as with the Indian Head Massage. If you can reduce stress and induce that feel good factor, improve circulation and power of blood flow by having a body massage, then you are really making good progress not only to the condition of your health in general but, more importantly to us maybe, in improving the condition and health of your hair.

Benefits of Body Massage

•Increased relaxation in the mind and muscle tissue
•Increases blood circulation
•Improves body function
•Increases joint mobility
•Reduces Stress levels and induces a sense of well-being

Anything we can do to help in our fight to reverse hair loss and promote new hair growth is something we need to explore and actually start to do. Its all very well knowing about these things but we have to be positive and make the move.

Massage is a proven therapy. It helps with your health in general, but more importantly to all people who are actively trying to regenerate their hair, massage is a definite bonus, something that should be introduced into your lifestyle.

Regular massage will make you look and feel so much better, but it goes much further than that! Massage therapy is a wise investment in your hair, health and well-being and should not be written off as another luxury you can’t be bothered with.

Knowledge is the key; Positive action is the answer.