Your Hair Treatment ‘To Do’ List

“Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind” …. Mary Baker Eddy

This is clear and simple. This is your battle plan ‘To Do’ list!

We have covered all the essential facts and procedures in great detail, now it’s time to recap and go to action!

At this stage, if there is still anything you are not sure of then please re read that chapter. I do not want you to go any further until you are fully sure of what you need to do. To help you get properly prepared I have created a campaign plan, something that will help you start off the right way and continue easily without any breaks in the treatment.

Your Call to Action!

Over to you; by now you must be more than ready to get started, so lets make sure we do things right and end up with the very best results in the least time possible.

Make notes; write down anything you need to remember, make lists, organise a shopping trip to buy in any products you need to create your own herbal shampoos and treatments. Remember, once you start its no good stop-starting, if we are completely ready to start, then we start, and we continue without any excuses or breaks in the treatment and it’s course.

Organise a daily routine; that includes your hair treatments, what shampoos and cleaners you want to use, your exercise schedule, any special diet requirements, any appointments that need to be made with a health practitioner Making Your Shampoo; read Chapter 13 again if you need to, and make a full list of all the ingredients you need to make up the natural shampoo and hair conditioner that you will need from day 1 in your course. Ditch any chemically based, over the counter shampoos you have been using so far.

Buy a suitable brush; if you have the wrong type of brush and comb then throw them in the bin straight away. Treat yourself to only the best product that will not harm your hair or scalp anymore; buy the best quality that you can afford to get the best results for your hair.

How Is Your Diet? Have you dumped all that processed, ready cooked rubbish from your kitchen yet? Go and take a look at your local health store; you know what foods you should be eating so if not too sure where to get them ask behind the counter, those assistants are really helpful. Make a conscious effort to avoid eating take-away junk food on the way home too!

Do You Need to Buy Any Vitamins? Whilst you are in the health store ask about those vitamin supplements you might need too. They will all be on the shelf and ready to go. Or, if you prefer to shop online, send off for an adequate supply now so you are fully stocked up and well prepared.

Have You Decided On What Remedies To Use? You must make a choice! Chapter 16 detailed 6 internal and 4 external remedies to choose from. Read them again and make sure you understand any differences there may be between one and the other. Try not to swap and change too much with these; finally decide on the internal and external ones you want and stick with them. Swapping about only effects the treatment in a negative way.

What About An Exercise Routine; you really do have to exercise on a daily basis, no excuses! So pick on any type of exercise you like and providing you are medically fit to start then get started. Try and settle on something you enjoy doing to help you maintain your daily agenda.

Stage 1; Cleaning and Preparation; by now you should fully understand the importance of cleaning your scalp and preparing your hair follicles for further treatments. Make up your cleanser and hair rinse as we talked about. Complete this preparation stage right down to the last word; don’t take any short cuts on this, it’s far too important. This stage is key to everything else in the course. Without preparing properly you might as well quit right now – remember the analogy I used about the painter?

A Final Word; I know exactly how you feel. You are suffering with hair loss; its miserable, depressing and just brings you down every time it confronts you. But you really do need to keep this in mind “There is no magic pill” no quick way of solving it.

Be patient, be confident and be positive. My system works but it takes time. Don’t give up on your hair problem. Be prepared to make all the necessary changes we have talked about, don’t skip out anything, make the treatment plan part of your daily lifestyle and you will succeed!

Your Hair Treatment ‘To Do’ List