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Your Hair Treatment Plan Overview

This article outlines what form of treatment you need to take to beat alopecia and to have healthy new hair growth.

The only way to halting hair loss is by repairing and restoring the impaired growth cycle process. It’s not enough to eradicate harmful habits either – You have to replace bad habits with good ones to get the very best effects and results; and get this..

“There is no such thing as a magic cure-all, overnight success pill so don’t be told otherwise”

Having said that, hair rejuvenation is most definitely possible, as Dr Devi has told you, but the whole process from the very first steps of halting loss, through the ‘correcting the balance’ stage, to the stage when new hair starts growing once more, is a combination of different actions and processes.

Internal and External Treatments

Rejuvenating hair is a two pronged approach, internally and externally. This is what floors most people! They believe that just rubbing some sort of sweet smelling lotion into their scalp morning and night will do the trick – WRONG! That’s why the majority of hair loss cures simply do NOT work.

You have to tackle hair loss with internal and external treatment to get the growth cycle working efficiently again.

Cleansing is the first and possibly the most important step in hair rejuvenation.

The ‘cleansing stage’ is extremely important; preparing and cleansing is not a lot of fun but it’s vital to your re growth and without this careful preparation whatever follows will not be as successful as it will be if you take your time and do the process thoroughly and completely.

Preparation and cleansing can be split into two sectors, both equally important;

•Cleaning the scalp
•Cleansing the colon

By tackling both of these problems we are preparing the whole body for treatment and rejuvenation; merely cleaning the scalp is not enough, although it is a definite step in the right direction, but the main thing to note is that we also need to cleanse the colon.

Now, colon cleansing is something that most treatments overlook, or just do not know about. But cleaning away all the build up of waste makes your body so much more receptive to what we need to feed back into your system later on when we are ready to move into the treatment stage. Without colon cleansing you are only half-treating the condition.

Why Cleaning the Scalp is So Important

The scalp becomes dirty and clogged so that the hair follicle cannot function properly and when this happens the blood cannot supply the required oxygen and nutrients that are essential to normal, healthy growth.

The main reason for this clogging up is because flaky skin, sebum and cholesterol are not being cleaned away properly, either by using a poor shampoo, or not taking the time to massage the shampoo into the hair and scalp and then rinsing it off properly.

Most shampoos and conditioners, and even hair gels too, that are bought from High Street shops and outlets consist mainly of petrochemicals and contain man-made additives and preservatives that are harmful to your hair and scalp. Not only can they damage your hair growth but they may even also penetrate your blood stream, causing harm to internal organs such as the liver.

You should know this: I threw all those High street branded shampoos and such stuff out years ago and only use my own specially blended mixture consisting of just three organic products (based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil) to achieve a perfectly healthy and clean scalp. Use this mixture and I can guarantee your scalp will become and remain clean and healthy.

But the 3-way mixture is used only as a cleansing solution, not to re grow hair, but it does a magnificent job quickly and efficiently, and it’s easy to use. When first using it, it’s a 4-week scalp attack; intense and effective. After 4 weeks the scalp cleansing only needs repeating once a fortnight.

Why 4 weeks? Simply because there is a lot of cleaning to do to get the scalp and skin pores clean, healthy and back to a good ‘receptive’ condition, ready for the next stage. After all, how long is it since your scalp was properly clean? Maybe there is years of built up dirt, sebum and old flaky skin to get rid of before we can move on.

Re Growth

The cleansing and preparation is the most important stage and takes between 4-6 weeks. Do that right and every other step in the process follows on naturally and easily, but do it wrong or skip it completely (as some people like to do) and everything else will be a struggle.

A VERY BRIEF outline of the Re Growth Blue Print follows like this.

Your Call to Action: Determine your plan of action and stick with it. Hair rejuvenation is not a stop/start process, it takes determination and dedication.

Organise a daily routine: One that includes your hair treatments, what shampoos and cleaners you want to use, any special diet requirements, a simple exercise schedule, any appointments that need to be made with a health practitioner. You have to plan and schedule for extra time to comfortably fit the rejuvenation process into your daily routine – How much extra time? 30- 45 minutes a day max!

Shampoo and Conditioner: You need to make up a natural shampoo and hair conditioner right from day 1 (I will provide you with my very own ingredient details, mixtures and quantities later depending on the condition of your particular type of hair) Ditch any chemically based, over the counter shampoos you have been using so far which are probably adding to the poor health and condition.

The blend I want to give you will;

•Enhance not damage your hair
•Supply essential and beneficial vitamins
•Keep your scalp and follicles clean and healthy
•Promote good hair growth
•Cost far less than commercially made products

Good Grooming Habits: If you have a coarse, cheap, plastic and scalp damaging brush and comb then throw them away and treat yourself to a product made from natural boar bristles that will not harm your hair or scalp anymore. Brushing your hair gives several benefits to the condition and appearance. When done right, brushing massages the scalp encouraging increased blood flow, it removes all the loose scales that become attached and stick to the scalp, and it also acts to distribute the sebum evenly through the hair.

Correct Your Diet: Dump all that processed ready cooked rubbish from your kitchen. Go and take a look at your local health store; I will tell you exactly what foods you should be eating to promote a healthy blood flow and to encourage permanent hair growth. Make a conscious effort to avoid eating take-away junk food completely!

Whilst eating properly will not automatically give you a full head of newly growing, healthy hair, it certainly can help! Eating the right foodstuffs will make your hair stronger and healthier by putting all those much needed nutrients right back into your bloodstream to get pumped through your system to nourish and feed your hair follicles.

The Vitamin ‘Rejuvenation Booster’: Vitamins can both improve the health of your hair and stimulate new hair growth. Some vitamins can even help stop hair from falling out; there is absolutely no argument to that fact. I personally prefer to get all the necessary vitamins through my food intake but sometimes we could do with an extra boost, or for some reason or other your diet is not as good as it might be, and so the vitamin supplement is the obvious answer.

Caution: If vitamins are good for your hair, the more you take and the higher dosages you consume must be the right thing to do is it? No! Absolutely not, nothing could be further from the truth. Taking excessive amounts of vitamins will harm you and your hair!

Develop An Exercise Routine: Gentle exercise to help with good health and fight against hair loss is now widely accepted in Western Medicine as it always has been in Alternative Therapy.

By doing even a minimum amount of continued exercise every day you will improve the condition of your scalp and hair. No one is telling you to become a fitness fanatic and go to the gym every spare minute you get; you are not training to become an Olympic athlete. All we are looking for is a 20- 30 minute daily routine consisting of a suitably gentle exercise that fits in with your own lifestyle.

In the first few weeks of your hair rejuvenation campaign you can probably do everything you need to do in as little as 30 to 45 minutes a day – Is re growing your hair worth that?

Once you have passed the cleansing and preparation stage (averages out at 4 to 6 weeks depending on the condition of your hair to how long you have been suffering with your condition) you can easily reduce the daily time required to 20 minutes or so, maybe less, it will become just a daily grooming task like brushing your teeth or taking a shower – not hard at all.