Hair Loss Protocol To Rebuild Hair

Easy Cure To A Widespread Problem (hair loss protocol) is the perfect guide to help both men and women alike to cope with their hair loss problems.

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Hair loss and balding are most commonly experienced hair troubles among young adults. People often feel embarrassed and frustrated with this kind of cosmetic problem and thus, look for solutions that can give them naturally effective results.

According to the recent research of The American Hair Loss Association, it has been concluded that by the age of 35, about two-thirds men experience some degree of hair loss and baldness. Apparently, by the age of 50, the number increases to 85%.So does Hair Loss Protocol help everyone?

Created by Jared Gates, the Hair Loss Protocol reclaims to help the users get rid of hair loss and balding problem by using certain natural methods and techniques. Gates has shared detailed information about those natural techniques in his e-book called “The Rebuild Hair Program.” – known by its official name.

Gates claims that all the techniques given in the book are 100% natural and effective. The user does not have to go through the pain of hair transplants and expensive surgeries.

The Hair Loss Protocol has proved that the ageing and genes are not the only causes of balding. Production of steroids in the body is more responsible for constant hair loss and male pattern baldness.

According to Gates, the steroid (DHT) travels through the bloodstream and reaches hair follicles, destroying them from the root, ensuring that the follicles never produce the new hair again.

The Hair Loss Protocol works by making use of natural foods, herbs, and supplements that restrict the production of DHT in the body.

Techniques Provided In The Course

Highlights the root cause of hair loss:

The book highlights the root cause of hair loss and states how it is the excess production of certain steroids produced by the body that go on to harm the hair follicles in the scalp such that they are damaged beyond repair and cannot grow hair.

These steroids have been named as DHT’s and are accepted widely as the root cause for not only hair loss but also prostate cancer in men.

Diet, your way out of hair loss:

In accordance to the author of the book Jared Gates argues that the best way out of hair loss is eliminating its root cause by natural methodologies. In his book, he talks about the use of certain herbs, food items, and supplements to avoid and eliminate the problem of hair loss.

An alternative hair transplant:

This eBook is considered to be the alternative to the painful and expensive solution to the hair loss problem that is hair transplants. Although hair transplants are considered to be the most common method of hair loss prevention Jared argues that his way is better suited and less painful.

Does the Hair Loss Protocol Inhibit DHT Production?

Hair Loss Protocol absolutely claims to inhibit the production of DHT or 5-alpha reductase. The program encourages the user to include essential vegetables, minerals, vitamins and herbs in their diet to naturally prevent or inhibit the body’s ability to produce 5-alpha reductase.

Foods that are known to Inhibit DHT Production

The main focus behind this e-book is that there are certain foods that block the targeted enzyme 5AR, and reduce DHT production.

Foods containing phytosterols and biotin are known to reduce production levels of DHT within your system, as well as cure balding.

You can easily get phytosterols from sesame oil, wheat germ, olive oil, almonds, Brussels sprouts and peanuts. You can source biotin from whole wheat bread, egg yolk, pork, salmon, raspberries, cheddar cheese, and avocado.

Who can take Hair Loss Protocol?

If you have had tried all the products that created hype in the past and still didn’t see any results, then Hair Loss Protocol, also known as The Rebuild Hair Program is the program for you.

It elaborates a comprehensive list of foods that are tentatively known to reduce production levels of DHT within your body system. Lowering DHT levels would means reducing the risk of hair loss, balding and prostate cancer.

Jared Gates states that focusing on the foods, vitamins and supplements listed in the program will prevent DHT production in the body. In this program, you’ll find a detailed self-explanatory guide on what kind of foods to take and in what amount.

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