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Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Hair Loss Pregnancy

How To Stop Hair Loss After Pregnancy

How to stop hair loss after pregnancy is often a question put by mothers in their postpartum period. This problem is commonly faced by them owing to the reversing levels of hormones in their body after birth of their babies.

This may also arise as a result of unbalanced nutrition, vitamins and minerals deficiencies or any thyroid disorder. Hair loss after pregnancy returns to normal after around six to twelve months.

There are many ways by which physicians can help these mothers in how to stop hair loss after pregnancy. The first and foremost way is to start a balanced and protein rich diet.

The diet should be set by the nutrition specialist aiming proper food charts which would not be affecting breast feeding. The diet should be followed properly especially during these few six to twelve months. In this way, hair loss gets decreased and makes them strengthened.

Secondly, there should be supplementation of diet with vitamin and minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, zinc and certain co enzymes.

About 10% mothers suffer from this problem and they should follow measures regarding how to stop hair loss after pregnancy. These may include decreasing the use of excessive shampoos and conditioners; it may increase the breakage of hair and make them weak.

Other methods to be adopted in how to stop hair loss in pregnancy include combing on wet hair should be avoided and wide toothed combs to be used instead of narrowed toothed combs. Hair styling products to be least used, curling and iron straightening should be avoided as well.

Hair dying should also not to be done during this period. Hair should not be tightened much and abstain from hair dos or any other style that may cause breakage of hair.

Hair relaxing treatments are also available now that can be done to protect from hair loss. Oiling of hair also gives much strength to them and do not let them break.

How to stop hair loss after pregnancy is not a difficult job if hair is being taken care of properly by using some of these very simple methods.

Even after adopting these simple measures for stop hair loss after pregnancy, there is excessive hair loss then the hormonal profile of the mother should be get checked by the physician especially for the thyroid hormones.

In addition, history of contraceptives before becoming pregnant must also be taken by the doctor as contraceptives play an important role in hair loss after pregnancy.

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