Folligen Cream for Hair Loss

Folligen is the solution in restoring healthy hair in hair loss conditions that are not genetically determined. Folligen works best as well in regenerating the hair of those who suffered long from the problem of baldness. It is the most wanted hair care product in the market today.

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The Folligen line of hair care products is currently filling out the market. From the words of its inventor and manufacturer, Folligen is a non-drug product specifically designed to improve the scalp, follicle health, and vitality of the hair. It helps reduce scalp irritation caused by other hair growth treatments.

All these products contain copper peptides and saw palmetto. These two products are the best answers to all the problems of hair loss.

How It Works?

This Folligen comes in the form of cream, lotion, or spray. It was primarily used as a skin-repair product in the past. Nowadays, the product is meant for both men and women.

Hair problem is a serious concern to all ages in the present world. Most hair loss in women is normally due to scalp damage due to perms, colouring dyes, relaxers, using too much heat when drying hair, overuse of shampoos, tight buns or pony-tails, and even overcutting.

The most common answer or solution given by many hair experts all over the world is the usage of Folligen.


Though Folligen comes in different forms, all of these varieties have the same function of strengthening the hair and preventing hair loss. This would especially be useful for ageing men and women who have thinner hair. For those who would like to simply slow down the process of balding, Folligen seems to be a good choice.

Since Folligen is nutritive, it may help burn victims or actual burn/chemical burn to stimulate air growth once again. Though there are no documented cases of burn victims specifically using Folligen to bring back some of their hairs, it’s only logical that a vitamin-loaded formulation can only be good news to a scalp that’s been damaged by heat or fire.


The potential disadvantages of Folligen lie on the organic and inorganic components used. The copper peptides that are included for massive hair repair may cause adverse effects in some users. The effect will not be limited to the scalp because allergies often spread to other nearby parts.

Another disadvantage would be the fact that this product uses saw palmetto. Saw palmetto has never been tested specifically to cure or even remedy baldness for a short while in a strictly scientific setting. This means that you would probably be putting something in your hair that hasn’t been empirically proven to work.

Final Thoughts

Folligen seems to work well in restoring healthy hair in hair loss conditions that are not genetically determined. As regards to treating male pattern baldness, it appears to be suitable mainly as a complementary therapy to minoxidil for patients with sensitive and irritable skin.

Folligen has done its best in regenerating the hair for those who suffered long from the problem of baldness.