Caproxen is the highly effective product in stimulating hair growth in the vast majority of men and women. It is proven as the best hair growth stimulant in the market today.

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Clinical studies have shown Caproxen to be highly effective in stimulating hair growth in the vast majority of men and women who have tried it. After extensive online research into this product, we believe you will not find a better hair growth stimulant.

People who combine Caproxen with Propecia will find it to be a very powerful combination; however, Propecia is not recommended for women.

Why Is Caproxen So Effective?

This is simple. Caproxen uses a three pronged attack in the fight to restore your hair.

Firstly, it includes Minoxidil which is by far the most powerful hair growth stimulating agent available. If you are looking for a hair growth stimulant you must make sure this is included or it simply will not give you the results you desire. Minoxidil will open the potassium channels in your scalp and this has been proven to increase hair growth.

Secondly, it includes Silica, magnesium and keratin. These ingredients are essential for boosting hair growth and increasing the overall strength of your hair. Caproxen will ensure that your scalp is able to absorb these nutrients so that they can penetrate deeply into the root of your hair.

Thirdly, Caproxen will clean the scalp and remove the unwanted dirt and organic matter that can often be missed, even by leading brand shampoos. This may sound like a small thing, but this is essential for giving your hair the best possible chance of re-growing.

These three components combine to reinvigorate your shrunken hair follicles. This will increase their size and ensure that they re-grow. This results in much thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Results vary greatly from person to person. Some people report seeing results within 2 months; however, for others, it takes longer. The good news is that most people are very happy with the results once they appear, and our research suggests that men and women alike tend to stick with Caproxen after they start with it.

This is down to four factors. It’s effectiveness, ease of use, affordability and lack of side effects.

Are There Any Side Effects At All?

Generally speaking, most men and women will not experience any side effects and this is why Caproxen is available without prescription. After vigorously researching this product, we discovered that a tiny minority of male users have reported a very slight change in the colour of their hair; however, most have elected to ignore it. In the highly unlikely event that you experience this, hair colouring products are available to help.


Caproxen is highly recommended for any man or woman experiencing androgenic alopecia (hair loss due to naturally occurring hormonal changes). The product is FDA approved, clinically proven to work and has already helped thousands of people worldwide to re grow their hair naturally.

If you are looking for an effective hair growth stimulant to work on its own or to combine with other treatments you would be wise to choose Caproxen. After just 2 months use you will enjoy thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

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