Toppik is the solution to hair loss problems in men and women today. It is not a product that stimulates hair growth or prevents further hair loss. Rather, its fibrous ingredients cling to existing hair, making it look thicker.

Toppik come in different colours to match most existing hair colours. Toppik comes in two forms. One is the original powder can, which is simply shaken onto the scalp and hair like a salt shaker.

What is Toppik?

The cosmetic industry is full of different methods for altering the look of thinning hair. Sprays have been the subject of questions for years. But now, there is a new powder product that is said to give the best possible coverage of any product. Toppik is produced to fill in visibly thinned areas of the hair.

Containing all-natural ingredients, Toppik is said to use organic keratin protein to stick to hair through static electricity. Simply shaking the Toppik product over hair will allow it to last all night and all day. Toppik even claims to work on both men and women.

But Does Toppik Work As Advertised?

Toppik des not advertise the ability to treat hair thinning or baldness. Instead the manufacturers of this product strive to alter what Mother Nature has provided.

As a dermatologist and consumer tested product, Toppik is different from all others. It is even endorsed by transplant surgeons, medical centres, and hair loss physicians. Better yet, Toppik comes with a one hundred percent money-back guarantee.

With nine different colours, for all hair types and colours, Toppik works to fill in balding and thinning areas without harmful chemicals. It is said to be rain, wind, and perspiration resistant and can be removed using shampoo. Toppik uses organic keratin proteins that are charged with electrostatic energy for the best magnetic attraction to the thinnest of hair.

Despite covering affected areas, Toppik cannot hinder or promote hair growth in any fashion. This product is even clothing safe. Those with peppered hair colour are advised to alternate white and dark tones for proper blending.

A majority of Toppik consumers have stated their liking for the product. Though, like some products, there have been a few negative reviews and failed results. As a cosmetic product, Toppik seems to do exactly as it states and effectively covers balding and thinning areas of the hair.

Benefits of Toppik

Users of Toppik can experience thicker hair without the use of drugs, herbal supplements, topical creams, gels, or shampoo treatments. The fibres in Toppik attach to existing hair, and with eight different colours, the product blends well to make thicker hair look natural.

Once applied, Toppik stays in the hair all day and does not disappear with wind or sweat.  It easily washes out with normal shampoo.

Method of Treatment

Toppik can be applied by simply tapping a can above the area of thinning hair and allowing the fibres to fall directly onto the hair and scalp.  However, with the atomizer applicator, users find it is much easier to apply the product directly onto thinning spots.

Users typically hold the can 3 to 6 inches from the thinning area and shake or spray until the thinning hair is concealed. Some fibres may land on particularly bald spots, such as the front hairline, and look unnatural. By simply using a moist towel or rag, the small amounts can be removed.

Toppik also has available bristle comb, which can aid in the application of the product on the hairline.

Side Effects

Side effects of Toppik are minimal, as it is a washable, fibrous material that clings directly onto existing hair.