Revivogen is a popular hair thinning and maintenance product that helps prevent further hair loss in men and women who suffer from genetic pattern hair loss.

Revivogen is a topically applied DHT inhibitor. DHT is a derivative of the male hormone, testosterone, which has been linked to the cause of genetic pattern hair loss.

The active ingredients in Revivogen attach directly to hair follicles under the scalp and prevent the effects of DHT within the follicle.

What Is Revivogen?

Balding and thinning hair plague more people than not. Expensive treatments are available for treatment, but now there is a system to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth. Revivogen is a natural and safe approach to halting hair loss and can be used by both men and women.

Revivogen is a shampoo, conditioner, therapy system that targets hair loss at its problem. Revivogen is said to stimulate the growth of hair at the follicles in less than sixty days. Using natural and active ingredients, Revivogen supports hair growth through environment preparation.

But Does The Revivogen System Work?

Unlike other shampoo and conditioner systems, Revivogen does not require that each product be used for effective hair growth. As a system developed by Alex Khadavi, a dermatologist, Revivogen targets the hormone DHT.

When DHT is produced in the body, hair growth stops and thinning begins. Revivogen goes to work to stop the production of DHT in the scalp. DHT then decreases the rate at which hair follicles grow.

The first step in hair growth with the Revivogen system is Bio-cleansing Shampoo that is formulated to strengthen hair and fight hair loss. This shampoo can be used on all skin types as it purifies hair follicles and cleanses the scalp and hair. Bio-cleansing Shampoo’s bioactive nutrients moisturize hair from root to tip.

The thickening conditioner helps promote thicker, fuller hair growth while strengthening and softening hair. Revivogen’s conditioner combines sage, peppermint, menthol, and chamomile for natural moisturizing. Revivogen scalp therapy blocks the hair thinning hormone completely. DHT production is then ceased and hair can grow quickly and fuller.

Just like all hormonal products, Revivogen may not work for every consumer; however most consumers have reported thicker hair. Surprisingly Revivogen has no reported side effects. With a ninety-day money-back guarantee, Revivogen seems to work as directed.

Benefits of Revivogen

Men who first notice thinning hair can use Revivogen to prevent additional hair loss. Keep in mind that Revivogen is not a hair re-growth product, a DHT inhibitor. Individuals who use the product at the very first sign of thinning hair may experience a small amount of regrowth in hair follicles that had just completed the hair shedding process.

Revivogen is a good product to use for men who do not wish to take oral DHT inhibitors. Taken orally, some DHT inhibitors may have unwanted sexual side effects. In contrast, the topical use of Revivogen does not cause the same libido side effects.

The ingredients in Revivogen are natural fatty acids and vitamins found in normal, everyday foods.

Method of Treatment

The most frequent type of application is by drops. Revivogen must be applied to thinning areas once a day and it should be allowed to stay in the hair at least 3 hours before washing. Revivogen shampoo is also a popular application method, but tends to have a drying effect on hair and scalp. The Revivogen conditioner is recommended to use with the shampoo.

Side Effects

There are no known or published side effects of Revivogen. However, with any topical substance, some users may experience dry, itchy scalp. In addition, some users complain about the greasy feeling that occurs in the hair after application.

Costs of Revivogen

Revivogen is heavily marketed by its manufacturer, thus driving up the price of the product. Shampoos can be purchased separately for about $20, while a three-piece therapy package of shampoo, conditioner, and drops may cost about $100.