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Bosley helps to move healthy hair follicles to thinning and balding areas, which creates a new, natural-looking hairline.

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It is important to read this Bosley Hair review to know what this product has to offer, and whether or not it is good for you. Over 180,000 people dealing with balding have been liberated from the physical and psychological barriers that come with balding or thinning hair: this is because they had a hair surgery at Bosley Hair.

The experts at Bosley are not only highly trained, handpicked physicians; they are accomplished artists as well. They take into consideration such things as the shape of a patient’s face, features and age. They take special care to place each graft at in the proper area, position and angle.

Everyone’s goal at Bosley Hair is to restore to customers as much self-confidence as is possible. Founded in 1974, Bosley has led the way in almost every advance in the area of hair restoration in the last 35+ years.

Complexity in Simplicity with Bosley Hair Restoration

The reasoning behind Bosley’s approach for men is simple: most men who experience balding have hair in abundance in a horse shoe-shaped area at the back of the head.

So, why not take some of the thicker, abundant hair from the back and move it up front where it’s needed? That’s exactly what Bosley physicians/artists do: they move healthy hair follicles to thinning and balding areas, which creates a new, natural-looking hairline.

Though the logic behind the procedure is simple, the procedure itself is vastly complicated as Bosley’s artists work to make the hair transplant seamlessly blend in with the rest of the hair.

Once the Bosley Hair team has worked its magic, it is nearly impossible to distinguish from original hair and transplanted hair: even personal hairstylists cannot tell the difference.

Why Choose Bosley Hair Transplant?

Bosley is very particular about the physicians/artists he hires to join his hair restoration team. Many physicians seek to be affiliated with Bosley, but only a few are chosen. These physicians are chosen based on their ability to perform to Dr. Bosley’s demanding and exacting standards.

When patients trust their hair restoration to Bosley, they can rest assured that their procedure will be done by the very best hair restoration specialists available.

Permanent Hair Loss Solution

Unlike other options available to people who are dealing with balding/thinning hair—things such as hairpieces – Bosley’s procedure is permanent. Even so, the decision concerning what to do about hair loss/thinning hair should not be made lightly.

Customers need to research the different treatments available and consult with hair transplant surgeons to help them to meet their hair restoration goals.

What Patients are Saying about Bosley Hair Replacement?

TV personality Matt Rogers is among Bosley’s many satisfied customers. He says, “Once the hair started to grow in, I became more confident, not only in front of the camera, but in everyday life. I’m happy with the results, especially when I compare my hairline now to the ‘before’ photo.”

Another satisfied Bosley patient says, “Bosley helped me turn back the clock on aging. I am more confident as a businessman and around friends and family. I am extremely pleased with the attention to detail and the professionalism of the Bosley team. I only have regret: I should have done it sooner!”

Other inspiring stories from satisfied patients can be found online.

Bosley Hair Cost

Dr. Bosley understands that cost is an important consideration when it comes to hair transplants. The Bosley team charge on a “per graft” basis, which varies from patient to patient. Each patient gets customized treatments that take into consideration the condition of existing hair and his/her hair restoration goals.

Thus, it is impossible to give a reliable quote. Dr. Bosley encourages prospective patients to schedule a no-obligation free consultation. Dr. Bosley also offers a range of financing and payment options to make the procedure more accessible for prospective patients.

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