Apple Cider Vinegar

Hair loss is a surprisingly common problem for members of both sexes. While it is usually seen as a male problem, women will also suffer from hair loss for a number of reasons. There is a large variety of different treatments, remedies and medications which claim to help reduce the loss of hair and encourage the growth of new hair. Some of these can be quite expensive and complicated, however, so many people turn to organic remedies like apple cider vinegar.

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What is It?

Apple cider vinegar is like any other vinegar and is usually the result of a certain fermentation process. While some vinegar is made with wine, this is made with apple cider. The result is the familiar scent and flavor of vinegar mixed with the sweet and herby notes of apple cider. It has been used in cooking for many years and has recently become popular for treating a number of different problems including things like circulatory problems and heart burn. It is popular as a home remedy because it is:

  • Natural and organic
  • Safe
  • Readily available
  • Great for a number of uses

How Does it Treat Hair Loss?

Apple cider vinegar is a natural and organic material which can be beneficial to the human body in a number of ways. It has been used to treat hair loss both topically and internally with varying results depending on the person. Since it aids in circulation, it can help bring extra blood and nutrients to the hair follicle which will encourage hair growth. It can also be an effective way to treat fungal infections such as those found on the scalp.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Stop Hair Loss?

There are a number of different ways to use apple cider vinegar to treat hair loss and baldness. There is very little hard science to back up claims of its effectiveness in treating this condition so many people may have to try a few different techniques. It’s important to note that this vinegar can be quite strong and using it raw may lead to irritations and possible allergic reactions so it’s best to dilute it with water. The most direct use is as a topical treatment. Roughly 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar should be mixed with about a cup of water. Some people also suggest adding in a bit of cayenne pepper. This mixture should then be massaged into the scalp and hair. It should sit for a few minutes and then washed out with warm water and shampoo.

Some people have claimed that drinking it is the most effective way to treat thinning hair. Drinking too much vinegar can damage delicate systems inside the body so, once again, it should be diluted in about the same way. This mixture should then be consumed about three times a day. It may, however, take a few weeks before any noticeable change is evident.

Is it Effective?

The real problem with using any remedy like this is that it can only treat a handful of problems. Baldness and thinning hair can actually be a result of a number of afflictions ranging from mild fungal infections to serious immune system problems. Apple cider vinegar will, obviously, do very little to combat the more serious causes of baldness in both men and women. In many cases, hair loss stemming from something like androgenic alopecia is actually a genetic issue and may require medication.

Apple cider vinegar can help fight fungal infections which may be causing hair loss. As a natural and organic material, it is safe to use in the majority of cases. It has also been shown to increase circulation and could, in theory, help deliver more blood and nutrients to the hair and follicle.

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