Most hair loss treatments on the market are the same and very few actually work. But there is a different hair re-growth system that is different from the rest.

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What is Advecix?

Advecix is a simple product that gets right to the core hair loss problems. As a supplement treatment Advecix works with the body from the inside to inhibit the hormones that cause hair loss.

Advecix is special because, unlike other supplement treatments, it is formulated with DHT inhibitors. As the body ages, beginning normally in the twenties, testosterone is converted into DHT. DHT is a hormone that causes hair loss.

By damaging hair follicles, DHT naturally occurs in nearly one hundred percent of hair loss sufferers. Through research and studies, Advecix has created a system to stop DHT before it gets out of control.

But Does Advecix Actually Work?

When DHT reaches the scalp follicles can no longer grow and become dormant. Advecix fights DHT before it reaches the scalp. Prescription hair loss medications have DHT inhibitors in high amounts, which gave Advecix the idea for its product. But rather than acquiring a prescription, Advecix can be purchased over-the-counter for less than thirty dollars.

Advecix lacks minoxidil, a proven hair growth ingredient that comes with side effects. Instead Advecix uses other ingredients to combat hormones. These ingredients include saw palmetto, vitamin B6, vitamin E, niacin, and pygeum, along with others.

These ingredients have been proven to block the enzymes that transform testosterone into DHT. Some ingredients are used to increase oxygen and blood to the scalp, leading to new hair growth.

With proven ingredients and scientific backing, it would seem that Advecix is unlike any other hair loss product. Reports say that 98% of consumers were completely satisfied with using Advecix. With such positive results it is hard to imagine that Advecix could not work.

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